equalities zone

Equalities Zone is a sub-committee of the Union with responsibility for coordinating and evaluating campaigns, projects and initiatives to improve representation of liberation groups, as well as ensuring that the Union and their societies provide a vehicle for any under-represented groups to the access policies and actions of the Union and to co-ordinate work and campaigns of their behalf.

If you have any questions or want more further information, please contact president.union@stir.ac.uk or rosamund.vickers@stir.ac.uk


Zone Meetings:

Semester 1:

7th November, 2019 - Equalities Steering Group in LTA3 Agenda

There are minutes from this meeting available. If you attended this meeting and would like a copy of the minutes, please email rosamund.vickers@stir.ac.uk.


Semester 2:

23rd January 2020 - Equalities Steering Group in LTA3 Agenda

12th March 2020 - Equalities Zone in LTA3 Agenda