union meetings

The Students' Union has a number of committees and meetings which are designed to encourage participation, gather information and opinions on issues affecting you as students and assign actions to Union Officers to take forward through policy.

Below you will find out about future and previous meetings which are open to all students to attend. For previous agendas or minutes please email clair.murray@stir.ac.uk

zone meetings

The Students’ Union Zones are your place to have your say!

These meetings are open to all members of the Union (that means you) and are where all the major decisions about where we stand and what we do are made. Any student can put forward their views and propose a new direction for the union and any student can debate and vote on this. These meetings are also a great place to find out what has been going on over the past month or so in the Union and to question your elected representatives about what they are doing to make your lives better.

For more information or to put forward your own ideas to a zone meeting please email Clair Murray, Democracy & Research Coordinator.


Union Zone Meetings

Communities Zone
Education Zone
Student Equalities Steering Group
Sports Union


Annual General Meeting 2017/2018

3rd April 2018 - AGM Minutes 


General Meetings 2018/2019 -  all meetings start at 5PM and are in LTA3

Semester 1:

4th October 2018 - General Meeting Agenda and Minutes

22nd November 2018- General Meeting/Education Zone Agenda and Minutes.

Semester 2:

24th January 2019 - General Meeting/Communities Zone Agenda and Minutes.

14th February 2019 - General Meeting Agenda, minutes to follow.

28th March 2019 - General Meeting/Education Zone Agenda and Minutes


Club Audit Motion

Policy Review Part 2 Motion

Schedule 8 Update Motion with changes

Fair Hospitality with PDF Motion

Quiet Hours Motion


Annual General Meeting 2018/2019 meeting starts at 6PM and is in LTA3

28th March 2019 - Annual General Meeting Agenda and Minutes to follow

Minutes and Agendas from AY2017/2018 are available on request.

If you have any questions regarding our Zone Meetings, General Meetings or Executive Council, please email Clair Murray, Democracy & Research Coordinator.

submitting a motion

All students can submit a motion to a Union General Meeting or Zone Meeting. If the meeting is quorate, and if the motion passes, the ideas from the motion will inform Union Officers about campaigns and projects the Union should be undertaking moving forward. You may also submit a motion to ammend a schedule if you believe it to be inaccurate. If you wish to submit a motion, please ensure you use this template - Motion Template - if you have any questions or need help putting the motion together, please email clair.murray@stir.ac.uk. Motions must be submitted to Clair or the Union President by 5pm five working days prior to the meeting. Amendments to motions can be submitted by 5pm three working days prior to the meeting.

executive council

All elected officers sit on the Executive Council and decide how best to implement the decisions of the General Meeting. The Executive Council can also propose policy, respond to consultations, coordinate campaigns and delegate work to the standing committees of the Union.


finance and resources committee

The Finance and Resources Committee is responsible for reviewing the day to day operational aspects of the business as well as to ensure that correct and prudent management of the Union’s financial situation.  


trustee board

The Union's Trustee Board is in place to ensure that the Union is working in the best interest of its members. The Board meets regularly and is made up of a mixture of elected Student Officers and external Trustees.