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School Officer Recruitment 2015

Fri 20 Mar 2015

Take the lead in shaping your degree.

Challenge Yourself

Thu 26 Mar 2015

A day of free activities!

Entry Level Job Initiative

Mon 30 Mar 2015

Need a job? But need experience to get the job that will get you the experience you need to…Sound like you? It’s a frustrating cycle!


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Enterprise Day
31st March 10am - 9pm
Atrium + Macrrobert Arts Centre
Stalls in the Atrium 10 AM to 4 PM. Supporting organisations such as - Scottish Institute for Enterprise, USE, CDC etc. and local entrepreneurs - Swipii, Heartland Travel and more. Networking event at 18:30 in Macrobert Arts Centre.
Pool Soc v Rock Soc
1st April 6pm - 11pm
Rileys Sports Bar
Our semester Tournament has come along again! Will Pool Soc be able to defend our title as Tournament Champions or will Rock Soc beat us this time? Come along and support your favourite while playing some casual games of pool!
Chocolate Sale
2nd April 10am - 5pm
MEGA Chocolate Sale at the Atrium! All the money raised will go to VESA to help children and families who are living in severe poverty! Please help us as much as you can! Thank You! :)
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