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One of the most recent positive environmental impacts in the UK comes from reducing, reusing and recycling our household waste. Remember that classic "Wonderwall" by Oasis? Well back in 1995 only 7.2% of all household waste was recycled - today we are at 44.3%. This is a huge achievement and shows the UK is moving in the right direction towards a more sustainable society. Though of course more can be done!

Your waste won't end up in landfill

The Students' Union and University are working hard to reduce the waste we produce, reuse what we can and ensure as much material is recycled when the first two options are not feasible. We have also been working together and the University's waste contractor to ensure that no waste generated on campus is sent to landfill. Instead, in the first 5 months of 2017 the campus has recycled 84.6% of all waste generated, with the other 15.4% being exported and burnt to produce electricty and heat - this helps further reduce our global use of fossil fuels. We are therefore proud to say we are a zero waste to landfill University!