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Irrespective of how you travel to and from campus, your Students' Union is always striving to support your choices. In the last Student Travel Survey we found that:

  • 47.3% of students either walk or cycle for part or all of their journey
  • 64.9% of students  use the bus or train for part or all of their journey
  • 13% of students car share as part or all of their journey
  • 23% of students use single occupancy cars for part or all of their journey

Based on what you told us about your travel experiences we are now working with the University and key stakeholders such as Stirling Council and First Bus on a range of actions including improving the number and quality of bike spaces on campus, improving bus service delivery and increasing car parking availability on campus. 

If you have any questions about cycling on campus or around Stirling you can contact our Sustainability Cooridnator Johannes Schamp at

You can also find out more about their work on Facebook here.

For further information on travel initiatives click on the drop boxes below:

Cycling in Stirling

Cycling is a great way of getting round to and from campus and around town - it's often quicker than waiting for the bus, helps you get some exercise (it adds up!) and keeps money in your bank that can be spent on better things! It's also great for the environment, with every 10 miles of cycling saving approximately a litre of petrol or diesel compared to using a car. Click here to view a short film and get a great overview of cycling at the University.

Own a bike?

Your Students' Union has been working closely with the University to support active travel. Over 2016/2017 the University created 60 new bike spaces across campus. We are also pleased to annouce that the University is also continueing the very popular Recyke-A-Bike's 'Dr Bike' sessions, which help keep your bike up to scratch with minor tunings and provide further recommendations - all free of charge! Dr Bike sessions run fortnightly in the Atrium and will start in September 2017. You can also purchase affordable, refurbished bikes from Recyke-A-Bike.

Fancy a discount?

We've worked with local businesses to offer three new discounts for students - just drop by the stores with your student ID card and get a great offer!

No bike? Low cost bike rental is available on and off campus.

The University subscribes to Nextbike, a bike rental scheme that has available bikes for you across campus and town. This means that you can rent a bike for free for the first hour! Simply take out a bike from one of the Nextbike stations on campus, ride into town and lock the bike at another Nextbike station. So catching a train does not mean waiting around and paying extra for a bus! You can even get free access when travelling abroad - heading to Munich's Oktoberfest? You're covered!

To access the scheme you'll need to sign up to Nextbike. Further details can be found here.

There is also Forthbike electric bike scheme (you can find out more info here). If you sign up before 16th February 2020, you can get a free month trial. To get your discount code, please contact Campus Cycling Officer, Heather Davis here.


New to cycling in the UK?

Here are some pointers to get you started!

As a cyclist, you're an active part of traffic. For your own safety and the safety of other road users, these are some things to keep in mind:

1) you operate a carriage - it may sound silly, but that's what you do by law. As such, you are a road user and not allowed to cycle on the pavement.

2) be seen - it can be surprisingly hard for other road users to spot you. Especially since not every driver is used to having cyclists around. 

  • Make sure you're using lights. Not only in the dark, but also when it rains or when it's misty. Make sure your lights are bright enough.  
  • Although not a legal requirement, reflective clothing can vastly improve your visibility. You can get a high viz vest for under £2!

3) protect yourself

  • Although it won't prevent an accident, it can protect your head in case you do get into an accident. However, when you get a helmet, make sure it fits properly and you wear it correctly!
  • Make sure your bike is in good working order. Particularly your brakes. Remember to give yourself much more time to break when it's wet.
  • Where possible, cycle a door-length away from parked cars.
  • Cycle in the centre of narrow roads to discourage cars from dangerous overtaking maneuvres 

4) know the code - as a cyclist, you have to adher to UK traffic rules as outlined in the highway code. Have a look at the rules relating to cyclists. This includes both recommendations and laws, the latter of which are emphasised with MUST and MUST NOT. Have a look here for a more in-depth exploration of cycling and the law.

And remember, drivers need to adhere to rules too in order to keep cyclists safe! For example:

Highway Code - Rule 163 Give Vulnerable Road Users At Least As Much Space As You Would A Car Highway Code - Rule 178 Do Not Unnecessarily Encroach On The Cyclists Waiting Area Highway Code - Rule 182 Do Not Cut In On Cyclists Image result for highway code cycling rules