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green & blue space

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The Fair Share is the outlet for the Union's recycling project. We process used or donated homeware, clothing, food, electronics, and more ensuring nothing goes to landfill. Since 2013, an incredible 37tonnes of goods have been either reused or recycled through The Fair Share project.

In the Green and Blue Space, you'll find the most amazing things looking for a new home. We try to offer what you need, when you're most likely to need it. So, for example, during Freshers' and Refreshers' Week, the Fair Share has everything for your kitchen and flat, while in autumn we try to make sure we have lots of warm clothes on offer to get you through the dreary weather. Whatever you need, make sure you check the Fair Share before buying something new!

The Fair Share is located in the new Green + Blue Space, next to the Chaplaincy in the Atrium. We hope to be open later this semester.

We are a Revolve standard outlet: Revolve Inforevolve logo

food hive

As part of the Green and Blue Space we also operate our food hive. This is a place for people to come get zero waste organic food and cleaning products. Bring your own containers and come refill from our gravity dispensers. We also have an in house bakery planned and will also be offering Vegbags, with seasonal locally grown produce for people to buy.

We also offer a range of plastic free lifestyle items including like soaps, shampoos, bodywashes, toothbrushes etc to help staff and students minimize their waste.

Although part of the Students' Union, the Food Hive is separately constituted. See below for our constitution, principles and values.

Food Hive Constitution

Food Hive Principles and Values

opening times

Due to the Atrium renovation we are going to open in a new space. We are hoping to be open and operational for Refreshers Week in January 2022. 

find us

Our new location will be in the Atrium next to the Chaplaincy in the Corridor leading to the Union. 

volunteering opportunities

There are various volunteer roles available within the Green & Blue Space. 

We like to think of the Green & Blue Space as a very fluid and evolving opportunity so be sure to let us know if you have any sustainability projects and ideas of your own! Feel free to email our Sustainability Development Coordinator 

We pride ourselves in the support and relevant resources that we provide to our volunteers to ensure that they receive the very best out of their volunteering experience. Details can be found in our volunteering policy or by contacting Elaine Shepherd, Activities & Volunteer Coordinator.