the food hive

The Food Hive during the Coronavirus Outbreak

As the Students' Union is winding down to cope with the recent Coronavirus we have a short supply of food left in the Food Hive that we would be keen to provide to our students, many of whom are unable to get home. This will be available on Wednesday 18th of March only.   

Instructions for ordering 

  • Please complete this form and select which quantities of each item you would like.  Please return this to
  • Please order sensibly and considerately, instructions are on the form.  
  • Please do not come to us we will give you a very tight collection slot of 15 minutes and will communicate this by email, where possible we may deliver please explain why you require this.
  • Orders will be paid for on collection by card
  • For anything not packaged or in made up bags please bring your own clean tupperware/containers.  Please note we will wash this when we are given it but you should already have washed it too.  



Although part of the Students' Union, the Food Hive is separately constituted. See below for our constitution, principles and values.

 Food Hive Constitution Food Hive Principles and Values