environmental volunteers

current available roles

There are various volunteer roles available within the Green & Blue Space. 

We like to think of the Green & Blue Space as a very fluid and evolving opportunity so be sure to let us know if you have any sustainability projects and ideas of your own! Feel free to email our Activities & Volunteer Coordinator at elaine.shepherd@stir.ac.uk 

We pride ourselves in the support and relevant resources that we provide to our volunteers to ensure that they receive the very best out of their volunteering experience. Details can be found in our volunteering policy or by contacting Elaine Shepherd, Activities & Volunteer Coordinator at elaine.shepherd@stir.ac.uk.

Hub Lead

- Hub Assistant

- Film Team

- Garden Lead

- Garden Members

To apply for a role, complete this form or to find out more about environmental volunteering please email:  elaine.shepherd@stir.ac.uk