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start a club

Do you have an interest in, or already participate in a Sport that we don’t currently have a club for? Do you know of at least 9 other students that feel the same way?

Read on to find out more information on what you need to start a new sports club!


This is a document that outlines the aims and objectives of your club, the committee and other important rules. Each club should have this document to help guide each year's committee.

paid members

  • Every Sports Union club must have a minimum of 10 paid members to affiliate.
  • These must be students at the University of Stirling
  • Paid members must also hold a Sports Union membership and Sports Centre  membership (where applicable).

membership fee

  • Every Sports Club sets an annual membership fee of £20.00 or more.
  • When deciding fees, consider the core costs (equipment, coaching, travel etc.)


These are the positions tasked with running the sports club. Committee positions must be listed in the club’s constitution and people must be elected in the positions democratically, by vote at a club AGM. You can have as many or as few positions as you like, provided that you have the following: President, Treasurer and Secretary.


If your club owns any equipment it can be covered by the Sports Union's insurance, provided that the club provides a completed Inventory Form each year (sent to and


  • Clubs members adhere to the Sports Union Code of Conduct at all times.
  • Clubs must operate in line with the Students' Union policies, which can be found here.
  • Clubs must be started and run by current University of Stirling students.
  • Clubs may not open a private Bank account. By affiliating with the Students' Union, clubs and their expenditures become accountable to charity regulations.