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start a club

Do you have an interest in, or already participate in a Sport that we don’t currently have a club for? Do you know of at least 9 other students that feel the same way?
Please read on to find out more information on what you need to start a new sports club.


Every sports club must have a Constitution which outlines the aims and objectives of your club, as well as governance rules and committee positions. Once you have written a constitution you will need to submit it to the Sports Union for approval by the Sports Union Executive.

Please see our Model Constitution for an idea of what is required. Please email your draft Constitution to both the Sports Union President and to the Sports Development Coordinator

paid members

Every sports club must have a minimum of 10 paid members in order to affiliate, so in the first instance we ask for a list of 10 interested members who would be interested in joining the club. These must be students at the University of Stirling and they must also be aware that they will need to pay a membership fee to the club and also their Sports Union and Sports Facilities Membership (if applicable) if the club is approved.

membership fee

The current minimum club membership fee is £20.00 and there is no upper limit. When deciding on a membership fee, consideration must be given to costs that the club will incur for its members during the course of the year.

sports union memberships

Please bear in mind that your club members must have a valid Sports Union Membership before joining your club. The membership can be purchased online here or in person at the Students’ Union office. The current annual fee is £25 for students and non-students.


These are the positions tasked with running the sports club. Committee positions must be listed in the club’s constitution and people must be elected in the positions democratically, by vote at a club AGM. You can have as many or as few positions as you like, provided that you have the following: President, Treasurer and Secretary. Please download and fill a Committee list form and submit electronically to and


If your club owns any equipment it will be covered by our insurance policy, provided that the club submits this form upon affiliation each year. Please download and fill the Inventory Form and submit to and

On top of the above outlined steps, there are a few golden rules that every sports club must follow:

• Clubs members MUST read and adhere to the Sports Union Code of Conduct AT ALL TIMES. 

• Clubs must at all times operate according to the Students' Union Governance which can be found here.

• Clubs must be started and run by currently enrolled University of Stirling students.

• Clubs are not allowed to open a private Bank account. By affiliating with the Students' Union, clubs and their expenditures become accountable to charity regulations.