sports union awards ball

14th April @ 7pm - Virtual Sports Ball Awards 2021

As detailed below, we've had to postpone our 2021 in-person ball due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, we'll be getting together online to announce the winners of the 2021 Sports Union Awards - with some new categories! The event took place at 7pm on the 14th of April 2021. Below you can view the winners and certificates will be sent out via email.


Charity - Outstanding Individual

Mark McGuire (Winner)

Angarad Hopwood (Honorable Mention)

Charity - Outstanding Club

Womens Rugby (Winner)

American Football (Honorable Mention)

Mens Rugby (Honorable Mention)

Engagement - Social & Training

Womens Lacrosse (Winner)

Engagement - Online

Womens Hockey (Winner)

Ultimate Frisbee (Honourable Mention)

Squirrel of the Year

James Blair (Winner)

Hannah Kerr  (Honourable Mention)

Harriet Tyler (Honourable Mention)

Fresher of the Year

Maia Wilson (Winner)

Heather Buchan (Honorable Mention)

Committee of the Year

Dance (Winner)

Womens Lacrosse (Honourable Mention)

Womens Hockey (Honourable Mention)

President of the Year

Camy Rosen (Winner)

Charlie Cooper (Honourable Mention)

Club of the Year

Womens Rugby (Winner)

Womens Lacrosse (Honourable Mention)

Womens Hockey (Honourable Mention)


Andrew MacInnes (Mens Hockey)

Caitlin Smith (Netball)

Callum Letham (Athletics)

Chris Rainford (Ultimate Frisbee)

Elliott Sorbie (American Football)

Emily Russell (Womens Rugby)

Emily Weir (Rowing)

Emma McLea (Womens Hockey)

Emma Watson (Basketball)

Hannah Kerr (Judo)

Iona Stewart (Netball)

Kenneth Newman (Basketball)

Kirsty Martin (Womens Rugby)

Matthew Armour (Mens Hockey)

Ollie Eastwood (Mens Rugby)

Panagiotis Galosias (Judo)

Phil Knight (American Football)

Alan Deacon (Mens Lacrosse)


Camy Rosen (Womens Lacrosse)

Sophie Charlton (Womens Hockey)

Natasha Love (Waterpolo)

Ciara Goddard (Womens Hockey)

Caitlin Croft (Netball)


in-person event

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this event has had to be postponed.

All requests for refunds up to 1st May are in hand and have either been refunded as requested or are in the process of being dealt with. 

If you have any questions, please email but please be aware that due to the furloughing of staff in the Students' Union, we cannot currently advise when someone may be able to respond.