sport clubs academy

Sport Clubs Academy is the foundation for your sport clubs year ahead. This is the opportunity to go over everything you need to know, meet your colleagues from other clubs and learn from those who have led clubs over the past year.

Sport Clubs Academy 2019 took place in April, with a Refresher set for September 2019

Sport Clubs Academy provides networking opportunities, breakout sessions and all the basics you need to know. This is the event to ensure your club is ready to hit the ground running for the year ahead! If you missed it, all the presentations can be found below:


  Key presentation for all the club admin essentials; finances to transport!

  Presentation about fixtures, entries and BUCS Regulations

 A guide for funding, fundraising and finances.

 A handy timeline to help you plan events!

 A helpful guide to promotion, design and all things 'marketing'

 A guide for Club Presidents, Secretaries & Treasurers on website