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Underwater Hockey


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  • Underwater Hockey Student Membership£15.00
  • Underwater Hockey Non-Student Membership£15.00

About the sport:

Think Hockey. Now take it underwater....

Throw in smaller sticks, silly looking hats and a large, sinkable puck and there you have it, the essential ingredients for this unique and highly enjoyable sport.

Equipment is provided for beginners, so you’ll have plenty money to spend on socialising!

Whilst most other sports allow participants to breathe as they play, in underwater hockey players breathe through their snorkels whilst on the surface of the water, before diving down to the base of the pool to battle with their opponents. Underwater hockey is a supreme aerobic game. It was invented in the 1950s by sub-aqua divers in Southsea who got bored just swimming up and down pool lanes to get fit. The game is now played worldwide. Underwater hockey is fast, furious, and fun ... and you can join in.

Two teams of 10 players (6 in the water and 4 subs) at opposite sides of the swimming pool play a fast and furious passing game that relies heavily on team work. Goals are scored by putting the puck into the 3m metal or plastic tray at the opposing team's end of the pool.


About Us

Our training times are Thursday 11.45am - 12.45pm and Sunday 6.30pm - 8pm

Anybody is welcome to give it a go!

Contact Information:

President: Elen Owens

Secretary: Ellie Croker

Treasurer: Mathieu Monclar

Welfare Officer: Amy Groundwater

Email for more information:




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