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About Us:

If you have ever wanted to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and experience the feeling of flying - you have come to the right place! 

We jump every weekend (weather dependent, it's Scotland after all) at our local drop zone, Strathallan Airfield. It's located about a 30 minutes’ drive away, near Gleneagles and Auchterarder. We share it with Glasgow, Strathclyde and Dundee University as well as the other members of the drop zone.

There are a couple of ways to get involved with our club:

If you like to take things slowly or maybe just want to jump from a plane no more than once in your life, a Tandem Jump might be your cup of tea. This is where you are attached to a tandem instructor and your jump will usually be from 10,000 feet with 30 seconds of freefall, costing £240 (excl. video). So let the professional do the work and just enjoy the views!

If you prefer jumping straight into the deep water or see skydiving as a potential hobby, we'll book you in for the Static Line Course. This is a full day course that teaches you everything you need to know before your make your first jump on your own. During the jump you will be monitored by a highly experienced instructor and your parachute opens for you. All you have to do is JUMP!!! After this jump you will have started down the road of becoming a qualified skydiver.  Becoming a qualified skydiver takes as little as 20 jumps, working your way through the category system.  

Check out our promotional video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-ZxAgDJYDg



Club membership £20
Static Line Course (incl. first jump) £110
Progression Pack GET 4 PAY FOR 3 (optional) £115
First Freefall FREE
Subsequent student jumps £32
Tandem (incl. DVD) £325


Already a qualified skydiver?


£12 + £1 per 1000 feet, e.g. a jump from 10,000 costs £22. Kit hire costs £10, but you can reduce it to £5 if you pack it. 


Free tuition within the skydiving disciplines such as Formation Skydiving.


Club Discounts:

  • £5 off every jump from your 6th jump (normally £37)
  • £10 off the static line course (normally £120 by booking through us and £160 for the general public) 
  • Discounted or free travel to and from the drop zone
  • Tandems normally cost £280, by joining the club you save £40 

To reduce costs we teach you how to pack parachutes. This allows you to make £5 every time you pack one.



The maximum weight limits for all the first jump options is 196 lbs/14 stone/89kg. In case of the static line jumps this only applies on the day of the training. The minimum age for all parachute jumps is 16 years. Persons under 18 years require the consent of their parent or guardian on a form provided by the drop zone. Persons 40 years or over will require a medical certificate from their own G.P. on a special medical form. 

The maximum age for any person with no parachuting experience is 49 years.  


Our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/536415673140043/



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