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Stirling University Karate Club

Sen-no-Kai Karate is a fusion of techniques between Aikido and Shotokai Karate. We train 2 times a week and we do not take training lightly - yet it is allot of fun! If you want to become hard, fast, tough, agile, flexible, confident, and strong then we are the type of karate for you. We insist on mutual respect but do not when training adopt the stringent protocol of respect as found in Shotokan. To join, you don't need to have prior experiences in Karate - just come along, have fun and experiece someting new! We are looking forward to welcoming you in our club. If you have any questions don't heistate to contact our president or find us on Facebook. 


Training times:

Monday: 8-10pm at Squash Court 2 (Gannochy Sports Center) 
Wednesday: 8-10pm at Alangrange Studio 


Further Information

Dojo Etiquette

  1. Sen-No-Kai Karate insists on mutual respect: Sensei (teacher) to student, student to student and student to Sensei. 
  2. We bow when we enter or leave the dojo; at the formal start of a class and the final act in the class. We bow before practising with an opponent and when moving on to another partner or part of the practice. 
  3. We acknowledge the status of the Sensei and will do what the Sensei asks, to the best of our ability. If as a member we disagree with a Sensei’s teaching, we should privately question the action later with the Sensei during the class, or after but never in front of the class. 
  4. Sen-No-Kai welcomes members of other martial arts to practice with us but they should remember they are here to practice Sen-No-Kai not their own style unless specifically asked by the Sensei. 
  5. At all times this code of respect will filter through all aspects of the class without it we are nothing more than fighters scrapping. 
  6. When using weapons the rituals used in lending and taking of a weapon from a partner are crucial for safety even if they seem odd and should be adhered to at all times. 
  7. No jewellery should be worn during training and finger and toe nails must be kept short and clean to avoid injury to yourself or others.



Sen-No-Kai is about the harmony that exists in the battle between one or more opponents and yourself. We aim not to be stronger or faster or harder than our opponent and the use of these attributes should be adapted to suit the aims of Sen-No-Kai, not the other way around. 


"Outer softness-inner strength." 

The main theme that filters through the whole teaching of Sen-No-Kai is one of mental strength, strength through movement, distance, timing and harmony, not muscular strength. We should aim to still and calm the mind and body so that we blend seamlessly with the opponent. 

We strive for low posture in practice, even though we recognise this may not be practicable in street scenarios, to be flexible and to project with techniques. 

Sen-no-Kai places great emphasis on the three “sen” timings these can only be achieved by forgetting about oneself and achieving harmony with the opponent. Where there is only one person there is no battle to be won or lost and the mental training to achieve this is just as hard as the physical. 

When using the jo and the bokken we should remember that they are there to help our hand and body movement and to ensure the weapon moves with us, to stay relaxed and flexible and not the other way around. 

Sen-No-Kai has many dangerous techniques and we stress and teach that power comes with the responsibility inherent in teaching and practicing those techniques and none of our training is to be taken lightly. We do not punch or kick like it's hypothetical. We punch and kick like we are in a very real situation or fight. Just a word to wise, come prepared! But it's also for fun, don't forget that.

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