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CSU - Cheerleading at Stirling University! **Training Times**: Monday (POM): 8:30-10:00am Tuesday (LEVEL 2): 8:00-10:00pm Wednesday (LYRICAL): 10:30-12:15pm Wednesday (LEVEL 1): 12:15-2:00pm


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CSU - the Cheerleaders of Stirling University! 

Cheerleader, Dancer, Gymnast, Total Beginner? 

CSU will welcome you! Our club encompasses many aspects of fitness due to the nature of the sport, and as a result, has become a desirable option for those with past experience and beginners alike. Cheerleading involves aspects of dance, jumps, tumbling and stunts - usually forming the basis of a routine. CSU has recreational members, competing teams, and many fun socials. So we have something for everyone!

CSU has three main competing teams: Cheer All-Girl Level 2, Senior Pom, and Senior lyrical. We will also run an All-Girl level 1 team who will participate in local competitions and showcase!
The competition team for the 2018-19 year is chosen in October, and we would encourage all who are interested to get involved! Many of our past competition members started off with no experience so don't be put off! If you have any questions about our club feel free to email our President, Emily (eah00011@students.stir.ac.uk)




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