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You must also purchase a Sports Centre membership as the Sports Union club you are joining uses the University's Sports facilities on campus.

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Our highly qualified coaches provide quality athletics training for our athletes. We also hold recreational sessions for less intense, social interaction with the club.


  • Athletics Student Membership£30.00
  • Athletics Non-Student Membership£30.00
  • Athletics Competitive Membership£55.00

Welcome to Stirling University Athletics club.

Through the use of our fantastic facilities and highly knowledgeable coaches we aim to provide something for each of our members. From the 60m sprinter to the marathoner we can cater for you. Once your membership is paid you can take your pick from seven different training sessions a week. Turn up whenever and as frequently as you would like and we will always do our best to make you feel welcome.

Our expertly qualified coaches take three sprints sessions, two endurance sessions as well as a recreational run on a Wednesday.

The sprinting sessions are hosted by Kevin Reynolds. Kevin is a sprinting guru. A well-known face in Scottish Athletics who has been coaching for years and is known for getting the most out of his athletes whilst always providing a fun training atmosphere. Also new for 2020/21 we are excited to offer a training group for beginner and social athletes who are wanting to train for fitness rather than performance these sessions will by taken by David Cummings under the guidance of Kevin Reynolds and take place the same time as the track sessions. This group will allow newer athletes to the sport train with athletes of similar ability and experience so that it is less daunting when you first start training. 

We also offer jumps training provided by former student Janelle McGurk who has vast experience in jumping and coaching. Jumps sessions are on the same training days and times as the track sessions.

The endurance sessions are hosted by Derek Easton, who is also coach of Central Athletics Club based here in Stirling. Endurance sessions consist of either track, grass, road, trail, or hill work and run from 5-7pm every Tuesday and Wednesday.

For the casual runner or those wanting to improve fitness, we always organise a recreational run at least once a week. This begins at the track on Wednesday at 5PM and we take a number of different routes.

The details on how to contact us and training times should be found on this page. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.


Do you already have a coach?

If you are coming to Stirling University and you already have a coach then as long as you pay your membership then you will be able to train at the same time as everybody else and you will be welcome to follow your own training plan. If our training times don't fit in with your plans then we will be able to book the track for you at a more convenient time. You also do not NEED to train with us. Become a member with our club and you can compete but if you are still wanting to train with your coach that is not a problem whatsoever.



There are two tiers of membership. The first is our competition membership, this costs £55. If you opt for the competition membership we will cover the cost of all your entry fees when you compete for SUAC at any of the official university competitions. If you decide to go for our non-competition membership, which is aimed at our recreational or social members who are less interested in competing and more interested in relaxed running for fitness, you will only pay £30 but we will not cover your entry fees for any competitions you decide to enter.  

Both tiers of membership entitle you to participate in any of our training sessions.



Contact details:


'Stirling University Athletics Club' on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/209660899066718/) 

@_SUAC on Twitter

President - Callum Letham (cal00079@students.stir.ac.uk)

Vice President - David Elder (dae00027@students.stir.ac.uk)

Secretary - Jodie McMail  (jom00331@students.stir.ac.uk)



Training times are as follows:


Recreational running group.

Wednesdays 5pm 


Track and Field sessions (Kevin, Janelle and David)

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 6.00pm - Meet at the track


Endurance Sessions taken by Derek Easton

Tuesdays and Thursdays - 5pm - Meet at the track.


Track and Field S&C session

Tuesday 6-8pm at Alangrange studio (off-campus)


Booking the track

If you would like to train at a time out with our advertised times contact one of the committee members and we will be able to book the track for you at a more suitable time.



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Committee Membership


Vice President