If you have been affected by sexual violence or other forms of sexual misconduct such as harassment or stalking, the University will listen to you and support you.

We have a dedicated web page which provides lots of information about:

  • Where you can get help - both at University and from external agencies
  • Your options
  • What to do if you want to report to the University or the Police
  • What to do if you just want to talk but don't want to report anything
  • What to do if you are supporting a friend or a colleague

The University and Students’ Union have also produced a joint strategy which sets out our approach to preventing and tackling sexual violence and misconduct.


#isthisok Bystander training

We are currently offering Bystander training for interested students. The training will be delivered by Graham Goulden and take place on Monday 3rd Feb 2020

To signup for a session, please complete the short registration form here.

The bystander approach by Graham does not simply aim to teach others how to intervene. It is an approach that is used to create much needed conversations around behaviour and social norms. Removing the traditional ‘victim, perpetrator’ approach, Graham is able engage audiences in conversations which cover a variety of social issues. The bystander approach used by Graham is a strategy to re-enforce the already existent pro-social norms that exist in society.

The style of training delivered by Graham supports the healthy majority which we know exists in society.

If you want to hear more, check out this video of training attendees

#isthisok workshop facilitators recruitment

As part of its strategy to Prevent and Tackle Gender Based and Sexual Violence, the University of Stirling and the University of Stirling Students’ Union are committed to raising awareness about gender based and sexual violence, consent, and the role of the University community, including student leaders, in preventing gender based violence throughout society.

In 2019/20, the University will roll out a programme of workshops for students, designed to encourage discussion around these issues. These will be titled: #IsThisOk? workshops.

The University wishes to train a pool of student leaders to facilitate these workshops.

Thank you to everyone who applied for these workshops. Applications are now closed.