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Jamie Grant


I love Stirling because...We’re literally the Heart of Scotland! An hour from Glasgow and Edinburgh, and with great links to the Western Isles and North, Stirling is a great springboard to explore the rest of Scotland from.

Favourite student moment... An international student arrived to Stirling with no connections, no friends and felt quite nervous. After a quick lunch together, we quickly struck up a rapport. A few weeks later, I saw them sitting in the atrium eating lunch in the centre of a new group, laughing and smiling. It really shows how welcoming Stirling can be!

My manifesto summed up in three words… #OneMoreYear


Hi everyone! It's now been a month since I became VP Communities. Wow. I have been so busy with this massive learning curve that I don't think I have had time to breathe yet. A lot of what I've been doing is setting the wheels in motion for all my manifesto points and getting them set up, as I definitely won't have time to do it all when all the students get back.

Other than that I went to my first University Court meeting (a massive meeting with lots of important people to discuss all the changes to University funding and policy) and have been planning for Freshers and Give it a Go. There is so much to look forward to that week, and it's so much fun to see all the weird and wacky events that our clubs have planned. I have also received a lot of training about how to be the best leader and campaign organiser I can be, so hopefully everything should go smoothly for the next year. This first month has been amazing and I can't wait to see what else is coming up.

Much Love, Jess x