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Nela Cadinanos Gonzalez


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Hi, I'm Nela Cadinanos Gonzalez and I'm your Union President for 2021/22

As a 3rd year student of International Management and French, I am currently taking a year out to represent you as Union President.

I am extremely interested in contributing to sustainable development at a community level. I enjoy staying active and connected to the nature, which is why I love doing hillrunning here in Scotland, when the weather allows it! In the wintertime, though, I am most likely practicing hot yoga or making oat turmeric lattes.

My role includes being the overall representative of the Union, to the University and external agencies. Being the main point of contact for students, my aim is to ensure that your interests are represented appropriately.

I coordinate our Union and lead the Equality Zone supporting events and activities, while ensuring enhanced representation.

I sit on key meetings & boards and undertake key activites in the following;

  • Union and University Policy and Planning Meetings
  • University Court, meaning I am part of the strategic conversations of our University, corporate governance matters and financial systems.
  • University Academic Council
  • I have working relationships with figures such as the Vice Chancellor, Senior University Managers, the National Union of Students.
  • To be the overall representative, spokesperson and ambassador of the Union; to the University, media and external agencies. 
  • To coordinate and lead the Union’s campaign agenda for the year.
  • To act as a delegation leader to all NUS conferences and to secure a mandate from the membership of who to vote for in all full-time position of NUS.
  • To be the main point of contact and provide support to the Equalities Officers and campaigns to ensure the provision of appropriate events for these groups and their enhanced representation. 
  • To discuss with the executive council any response to Government consultations and actions on behalf of the Union. 
  • To coordinate the work of the Union and Executive Council in setting yearly strategic goals and objectives aligned to longer term strategic plans agreed with the Union management and the student body. 
  • To work with the Union Chief Executive to assist in the recruitment and development of Union staff and the implementation of the Strategic Plan. 
  • To chair the Annual and General Meetings, Executive Council, Union committee meetings and the Equalities Zone.

As your Union President, it's my job to guarantee your voices are heard. Being a student can sometimes be challenging, especially during unprecedented times, so please do reach out if there is anything I could help with - president.union@stir.ac.uk