postgrad representation

Your Students’ Union provides representation for all students, regardless of level, location or subject of study. At Postgraduate level the Union supports a network of over 100 Postgraduate programme reps, who provide representation for students studying on a particular PG degree – helping to build the student experience both within their subject area and across the University. For more information on our Postgraduate programme rep role, see our Academic Representatives section.

Postgraduate Faculty Officers

The Postgraduate Faculty Officer scheme is run by the University of Stirling Students’ Union, with support from the University of Stirling (Institute for Advanced Studies), to provide postgraduate representation at a faculty level. Each year 10 postgraduate students (5 PGT and 5 PGR) are appointed via a recruitment process to take on lead-student representative roles within their academic faculties.

During their time in post, Postgraduate Faculty Officers will work in partnership with senior members of faculty and university staff to take forward a project designed to improve the postgraduate student experience within their faculties – or across the wider university.

Taking on a Postgraduate Faculty Officer role takes passion and dedication. As such, Postgraduate Faculty Officers are paid for their work. Officers are line managed by the Vice President Education in the Students’ Union and paid by the University of Stirling Students' Union.

Your Postgraduate Taught Faculty Officers

Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Hannah Vuozzo

Faculty of Health Science and Sport - Vacant

Faculty of Natural Science - Peter Carlyle

Faculty of Social Science - Katie Martin

Stirling Management School - Rachelle Gonzales Bascon

Your Postgraduate Research Faculty Officers

Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Vacant

Faculty of Health Science and Sport - Ewan Stirling

Faculty of Natural Science - Aidan Wallace

Faculty of Social Science - Jessica Cleary

Stirling Management School - Vacant

To be put in touch with your Postgraduate Faculty Officer, or require student academic representation in general, please contact our Vice President Education -


What to expect of your Postgrad Faculty Officer

All Faculty Officers have a responsibility to represent and act in the best interests of the students within their faculty. This means listening to any questions or concerns you may have about your course, research or faculty as a whole, and then either helping you directly or sign-posting you on to relevant help and support. Faculty Officers should provide University staff members with constructive feedback about courses and research in their faculty, with the overall goal being to improve the faculty as a whole for both current and future students.  Postgrad Taught Faculty Officers also support Programme Reps within their faculty, either with student questions or concerns, or with accreditation questions.

Faculty Officers are there to help with academic concerns or quieres. They are not there to help with personal concerns or quieres, though if these concerns do come up when speaking to your rep, the rep should listen with care and direct you to a relevant support service. If you have any personal concerns or quieres which do not relate to your module or programme, please contact either the Student Hub or the Students' Union at

If you wish to make a complaint about a Faculty Officer, please contact either or