faculty officers

Faculty Officers are lead-student officers that take on responsibility for representing the academic interests of students within a division, or group of divisions, in an academic faculty. They will manage their division’s network of module and programme representatives and will lead a project to improve the student experience within the faculty – in direct response to your feedback through annual surveys such as the National Student Survey, Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey or Stirling Experience Survey.

Faculty Officers are also involved in the inner working of the faculty and University, providing student input into proposals and initiatives designed to improve the overall student experience.

The Faculty Officer scheme is run jointly by the University of Stirling Students’ Union and the University of Stirling. Officers are line managed by the Vice President Education in the Students’ Union but will also work with senior members of staff in each faculty to. All officers undergo a rigorous training programme to ensure their equipped for to effectively represent the interests of their students.  

Undertaking a Faculty Officer role can be a significant commitment (around 4 hours per week). As such, Faculty Officers are paid an honorarium for their work, and are appointed through a recruitment process in Spring each year. There are a total of 19 positions available each year, ensuring coverage to all areas within the University.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences & Sport 

Stirling Management School

Have you got a concern or question about the student experience within your faculty? Feel free to drop your Faculty Officer a quick email using the email addresses above! If you study in more than one faculty, then you can raise your questions or concerns with as many officers as you wish.

If you’d like any further information about the Faculty Officer role, then please feel free to contact either your current Faculty Officer (contact details above) or the VP Education (education.union@stir.ac.uk)


recruitment 2018/19

We are currently recruiting one Faculty Officer (Health Sciences) for the 2018/2019 period. 

Faculty Officers provide lead student representation within a specific division of their Academic Faculty. They play a key role in coordinating their division’s network of module and programme representatives and will work in partnership with senior staff and officers in their Faculty, the Union, and the wider University to improve the student experience.

This is an important role, with the Union and University investing significant trust and responsibility in the Faculty Officer team. As such, all officers receive an annual honorarium in respect of the work they undertake. Officers are paid £300 (subject to increase) in two instalments (December and April). As this role will solely be for the 2nd semester, the successful candidate will get one instalment of £300 in April. A full description of the role is provided in the remit below.

If you’d be interested in applying for this Faculty Officer role, then we’d ask that you please complete and submit the below application form to clair.murray@stir.ac.uk 5pm Monday 10th December 2018.


Faculty Officer Application Form

Faculty Officer Remit