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Educational Representation is a vital part of the University experience, making sure that the decisions made about your education include your voice in the discussion. Within the University there are numerous levels of representation which you can get involved in and really make a difference to students’ lives.  

faculty officers

The Faculty Officer Programme (previously known as 'School Officers') offers students the opportunity to take a lead in shaping their degree and making real beneficial changes to their faculties for all students.

Faculty Officers are there to represent all students across their faculty, making sure that the student voice is part of all decision which affects student learning. Each Faculty Officer is associated with a division or group of divisions and are paired with key Faculty staff to look at how students are experiencing their studies and University life. This can be anything from student employability, assessment and feedback, lecturing, modules, and so on.

Faculty Officers also help support the Course Reps elected each semester. Each module has Course Rep(s) who takes forward issues or commendments the class may have. This allows the school to ensure that staff know what students want and continually improve the learning experience. The Faculty Officer acts as a liaison with the Course Reps, the Union and the Faculty providing them with training and support on their roles and a vehicle to get their voices heard at a more senior level.

Faculty Officers receive an honorarium from the Faculties for the work they do.

Faculty Officers 17/18

Do you have what it takes to shape the development of learning, teaching and the student experience at Stirling? Our Faculty Officer programme offers students the opportunity to take the lead in shaping their degree and making real, beneficial changes to their faculties for all students.

Recruitment is now closed.

If you’ve got any questions about this role, feel free to contact Matt – your VP Education ( – or your current Faculty Officer from the details below.

Faculty of Social Sciences


Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences & Sport 

Stirling Management School

Post Graduate Faculty Officers

module reps

Being a module rep is a great opportunity to help shape your course and your learning experience. Module representatives are elected from all students on a module and are invited to attend student-staff consultative committees to discuss what is working well and what could be improved within the module. Reps also actively engage with their fellow students seeking out issues and presenting these to the union and the division for solutions.

Role Description 

Duration: 1 Semester

Commitment: circa 1-2 hour per week

Module reps volunteer at the beginning of each semester to act as a voice for students on their module. Module Reps will be expected to undertake the following duties and responsibilities;

Specific Responsibilities:

• Attend all Student Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC's) meetings within the Division/School
• Publicise themselves and their role to their peers
• Consult with peers to determine any issues that they should raise at SSCC meetings
• Feedback outcomes from meetings to peers
• Share student issues with the relevant University/Union staff and student officers
• Communicate regularly with Faculty Officers
• Follow up on issues by ensuring that the necessary action is being taken
• Sign-post students to University and Union Services that can be of use to them
• Ensure that personal views do not impact on their ability to represent peers
• Complete the Online Training for Course reps
• Attend Union Education Zone Meeting once a month 
• Attend Union General Meetings (Stir-it Ups) every semester 

Benefits to volunteer:

i. Receive training and support for your role
ii. Have your work recognised on your University transcript (Enhanced Transcript) 
iii. Get to know staff within your division/Faculty more closely and hear about developments before anyone else does.
iv. Improve your educational experience

How you apply to be a Module representative has recently changed:

Module reps can now nominate themselves on their Succeed module page, the new online module rep community is a platform for you to share best practice with each other. Check out our handy course rep video above for more information. 


As part of our recent developments for Module Reps, you can now earn Open Badge accreditation.  This means that you can evidence the work that you have undertaken as a Module Rep for future employers, as well as showcase your achievements on LinkedIn.  

There are 6 badges available to reps.  If you achieve 4 out of 6, you will have your work recognised on your University of Stirling Enhanced Transcript.  If you achieve all 6 badges, you will be awarded the Gold Badge, and put forward for the Union's Course Rep of the Year award.  In addition to this, your Enhanced Transcript will also recognise that you were a Gold Badge Course Rep awardee. 

The awarding of Open Badges is based on participation in different key elements of being a Module Rep.  In order to gain all badges, you must pass the online course rep test (70% +) and you must attend at least one Union Education Zone meeting and one Union Stir-it Up Meeting per semester.  Recording of your attendance is imperative, so make sure you register on the sign in sheet; it is your responsibility to do this, so if you don’t, you won’t be awarded the relevant badges.

You will also need to attend your Staff Student Consultative Committees (SSCC’s) There are two of these per semester and you’ll get one badge for attend the 1st one, and another badge for attending both.  Similarly with Union meetings, you’ll need to ensure that your attendance is registered.  Faculty Officers will have a spreadsheet with all Reps for that division, so make sure you are ticked off as attending to earn your relevant badge.  The final badge is a Report; at the end of the semester, you will need to complete a short report based on your time as a Rep, feeding back on your experiences and what has worked, as well as what can be improved.

Badges will be awarded within 72 hours of a meeting, unless communicated otherwise.   If you believe that you have earned a badge, but that it has not been awarded, you must inform the Union as soon as possible, and provided evidence of why the badge should have been awarded.

The Open Badge initiative is a partnership between the Union and our Reps; the scheme aims to empower Reps to be proactive about their work and achieve a wide range of skills by gaining relevant accreditation. 

For spring 2017 Reps, any queries should be registered with the Union before 30th April 2017; please ensure that you include any relevant evidence relating to your query in your communication.  Unfortunately, after this date, we will be unable to process any other issues or queries.  

Open Badge Accreditation - Terms & Conditions 


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