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As a Students’ Union, our role is to provide a platform for projecting the student voice to ensure students’ interests are represented in all decision-making within the University of Stirling and in the community locally, nationally, and internationally.

Each year we support and train over 500 representatives across all subjects, levels and locations of study to help improve learning, teaching and the student experience at Stirling.

To make sure your voice influences changes across the University, we operate many different representative roles. Our Academic Reps represent the interests of the students within their modules (undergraduate) or degree programmes (postgraduate).

We also have a dedicated team of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Officers Faculty who represent your interests at a Faculty and/or Divisional level, both responding to any issues as and when they come up as well as taking forwarding projects to improve the student experience in the long-run.

Regardless of the level they work at, all our representatives are there to gather feedback from students throughout the semester and are key points of contact if you have any concerns you wish to raise. You can find more information about these roles, including how you can apply to be a rep, on the relevant pages below.

academic reps      faculty officers      postgrad faculty officers


Staff Information

As a staff member at the University, if you would like further information for either yourself or colleagues regarding the student academic representation structure and how you can best support student reps within your Faculty, please see the following document:

Staff Guide to Student Academic Representation (PDF)

Module Reps (Undergradaute) - Recruitment Lecture Slide

Programme Reps (Postgraduate Taught)  - Recruitment Lecture Slide

Being a Module Rep - Expectations

Being a Programme Rep - Expectations

Explanatory Youtube Video for being a Module Rep