The Recognising and Advancing Teaching Excellence (RATE) Award scheme was first introduced by Stirling Students' Union in 2010.  RATE was born from the Union's desire to recognise the excellent quality of teaching at the University of Stirling and to provide students with the opportunity to identify areas of good practice within their learning experience.

The awards have continued to grow in success and popularity since their introduction. In 2017, we received over 1,300 nominations, resulting in the nomination of 420 academic and professional staff to be nominated for an award. Those 1,300+ nominations showed that our students value the support that they are given by professional and academic staff, as well as the time that they dedicated to students. Engaging students in course material, through innovative lecture styles, was found to be at the heart of good practice for our students.

With our help and support, University of Stirling staff members have been able to go forward for National Learning and Teaching awards: in 2014, May McCreddie (School of Health Sciences) was shortlisted for the Most Innovative Teacher of the Year Award at the Times Higher Education Awards, using the qualitive data we had received from the RATE Awards as their evidence, and 2016 Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year winner, David Lavaelle (School of Sport) went forward for the THES Outstanding Research Supervisor Award. 

The RATE awards depend on student nominations. Your nominations are used to inform the University about what you, as a student body, consider to be the best methods of teaching. They are also used to identify any necessary improvements in learning and teaching at the University. RATE is intended to empower students to be co-creators in their learning & teaching experience through feeding back about their learning experience at Stirling.

If you would like to know more about RATE, please email Clair Murray, our Democracy & Research Coordinator at clair.murray@stir.ac.uk

RATE Awards 2018 - the winners!

The winners were announced on Wednesday 25th April at a very classy little cermony in the Union. Nibbles were had, wine was poured and VP Education made loads of bad jokes. 

Here are all the deserving Honourable Mentions, Runners Up and Winners!

Excellence in Teaching (Arts & Humanities)
H/M - Frances Stewart
R/U - Emma McLeod
Winner - Tikus Little

Excellence in Teaching (Health Sciences & Sport)
H/M - Emma Lyons
R/U - Oliver Witard
Winner - Janet Smith

Excellence in Teaching (Natural Sciences)
H/M - Jessica Enright
R/U - David Copplestone
Winner - David Cairns

Excellence in Teaching (Social Sciences)
H/M - William Munro
R/U - Vicki McCall
Winner - Jane Callaghan

Excellence in Teaching (Stirling Management School)
H/M - Kenneth Thomson
R/U - Kevin Campbell
Winner - Paul Marnie

Innovation in PG Teaching
H/M - Alasdair Rutherford
R/U - Giuseppe Paladini
Winner - Andrew Haas

PGR Supervisor of the Year
H/M - Richard Quilliam
R/U - Mark Priestley
Winner - Leah Macaden

Outstanding Mentoring & Guidance
H/M - Craig Fitzgerald and Lynda Grant
R/U - Douglas Robertson
Winner - Gwendoline Drysdale

Innovation in Online Module Content
H/M - Graeme Acheson
R/U - Roger Watt
Winner - Alasdair Rutherford

Best Tutor Award
H/M - Tom Collins
R/U - Peter Lynch
Winner - Christina Johnson

Fantastic Feedback
H/M - Sarah Smith
R/U - David Griffiths
Winner - Duncan Hotchkiss

Exceptional Student Support
H/M - Fiona Harris
R/U - Marion Bowie and Jean Scotland
Winner - Derek Hodge

Outstanding Admin
H/M - Barbara Kettlewell
R/U - Gemma Gardiner
Winner - Lynne Black

Santander Outstanding Achievement
H/M - Charles Paine
R/U - George Findlay
Winner - Tessa Parkes

Faculty of the Year
H/M - Faculty of Arts & Humanities
R/U - Faculty of Health Sciences & Sport
Winner - Faculty of Natural Sciences

Student Service of the Year
H/M - Accessibility & Inclusion
R/U - Accommodation Services
Winner - Careers & Employability Services

Student Officer of the Year (Faculty Officer)
H/M - Jenny Brass
R/U - Petra Peterkova
Winner - Ela Hamer

Student Officer of the Year (Graduate School Officer)
H/M - Katy Allen
R/U - Steve Chinn
Winner - Katherine Raines


If you have any questions about the awards, please direct them to Clair Murray, Democracy & Research Coordinator, at clair.murray@stir.ac.uk

RATE is kindly sponsored by Santander.

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