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Reflecting on RATE

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As we reflect back on the 2020 RATE Awards, the provision of good quality learning and teaching has never been more to the fore. Your Union has been working hard with colleagues across the University to ensure online provision is the best it possibly can be. Much like the RATE Awards, we will also be looking at the best examples and building on these for the academic year ahead. With a new Officer team and a new cohort of Faculty Officers, the year ahead it is set to be a challening time but one the Union will ensure we meet head on so we can provide the best possible learning provision for our members.

A key element of RATE is connecting the praise rightly heaped upon those who work so hard to deserve it. Here are just a few examples of what it means to them. You can find out more about our annual RATE Awards here. Thanks to the Stirling Fund for their generous support of the Awards.


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Reflecting on RATE

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