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What is Freshers Week?

It's a week of activities and events put on by your Union to welcome you to your new home, the University of Stirling! As your Students' Union, we're here to Make Students' Lives Better and we want to make sure you have the best first week of the rest of your uni life.

We put on all the daytime fayres, meet & greets and evening events in our Venue - as well as providing loads of helpful info and a team of F Team helpers to direct you all week.

If you've got questions, join the group below or drop us an email to 

Want to know more about Freshers Week and Your Union? Download the Freshers FAQs here!

In the meantime, join Freshers Team members (F Team) and your fellow new students on the ONLY Official Stirling Freshers Group on Facebook (beware of others wanting you to sign up and buy tickets - you'll get all the essential info from us). You can join here or by clicking the image below.


The F Pass 2019 is your VIP pass to the best week of your life, getting you access to each and every event of Freshers! It's a fabric wristband that you keep on all week, no more misplacing tickets!

In addition, it comes packed with freebies including your exclusive white Freshers t-shirt to wear to the first night.

The first launch of F Passes will go on sale on Wednesday 7th August at 10am right here on this page.You are not mailed out your pass, you collect it when you arrive on campus. 

This site is the ONLY Official outlet of F Pass wristbands, anything bought outwith this site is not an official ticket or F Pass for the Official Stirling Freshers Week events.

We do not sell individual event tickets online, these can only be bought in person from 9am on Saturday 7th September in the marquee. We continue to sell individual event tickets over the week until they sell out. There are sometimes no tickets left for events on the door so get yours ahead of time. 

As a note, students are able to sign in up to two non-student guests to our events. All attendees will require a ticket each to attend any events. 


What does it get you? 

  • Exclusive Stirling Freshers white t-shirt for the Official Freshers White TShirt Welcome Party! (you pick your size in person when you collect)
  • A saving of over £28 for the full week of events! 
  • Entry to every Students' Union night event between Saturday 7th and Sunday 15th September 2019* inclusive - check out the full line up above.

*Due to capacity restrictions, some events will be facilitated on a first come first served basis and there are cut-off times for entry each night. See the rest of this page for full info.

How much does it cost?

The FPass 2019 is £50 this saves you £28 over the whole week!

F Passes are limited in number and once they sell out online, they're sold out! 

First launch of FPasses will be on sale on this page from August 7th. The second launch will be August 16th.

A limited number of individual tickets for events will be available and will go on sale from 10am on Saturday 7th September in the Freshers marquee. There are no online individual tickets for events.

where do I buy my wristband?

Right here on our website. You must be a registered student in order to buy a pass and you do not have to be a Fresher. If you are starting University this September, already have a place FULLY confirmed and have discovered your University account, you will automatically be registered with us so please click the student login button, don't type anything in. You'll be re-directed through the University portal as we share student data. 

If you can't get logged in to our site (only use the student log in button) then see below:

If you get 'account not matched' it means you’re still in the applicant portal stage, that means you have outstanding tasks on your portal to do or the University are still processing you, both things need to happen before you show up in our data, and once this is complete it will be overnight before you show in our data here and are able to log in.

Contact if you are unsure what you still have to do. Don’t panic, we do another launch of F Passes on the 16th so plenty of time. If you're still not getting in a few days after accepting your offer, email 


Important information relating to your F Pass

All orders for F Passes must be made online here at – we are the only official outlet for your F Pass. Once ordered, you will receive a confirmation/receipt e-mail confirming your order. You then collect your F Pass wristband when you arrive at the University from the Freshers Marquee on campus between 10am and 5pm on Saturday 7th September 2019 – if you miss this slot, you can then collect your F Pass in the evening before the event starts, but note there are cut off times for entry with F Pass. When collecting your wristband please bring a form of photographic identification, passport/driving license/PASS card/Young Scot. Passes can only be given to the person who's name is on the website account, however this is not the name of the cardholder so don't worry if Mum or Dad are paying! 

Entry Times
We sell individual tickets for events for students without F Passes so to ensure numbers for entry, all F Pass users attending nights must be in by the stated F Pass Entry Times. Arriving after the stated F Pass entry time may result in non-admission without refund - no one wants this, so make sure you get there in good time. This is so that we ensure as few people as possible miss out on tickets! These times will be distributed when you collect your pass but are typically one hour after doors open. 

To ensure you are considered as having entered for the event, you must have your hand stamped by an official at the entrance to Venue each night before the stated time. We must stress however that only stamped individuals with an F Pass wristband will be permitted re-entry if you leave Venue. 

I'm Under 18!
Passes are available to those under 18 as the Union is open to all of its members. However, the Union strictly enforces its licensing duties so only those with adequate ID will be served at our bars.

Non-Stirling Student Guests
Guests at events must be signed in by a current student and must also possess a ticket. You are responsible for their behaviour on the night, don't sign in people you don't know. Non-students cannot buy an FPass. 

Admission for F Pass holders will be with F Pass wristband only. Don’t take it off or it becomes invalid. Right of Admission is Reserved; in the event of non-admittance no refunds will be issued.

The Union reserves the right to change and/or amend the Freshers Week lineup and if doing so, will seek to provide similar events for wristband holders either on the night or at a future date as best it can. In doing so, the Union confirms that it will not issue refunds on the basis of any change it may need to make to the schedule. Full terms and conditions here.

F Pass 2019

Ref: T10008040

Your access to Official Freshers 2019

Price: £50.00
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The full Freshers Week line up, a mix of DJs, celebs, performances, comedy and more!

Further details of each night event will be updated soon.Keep up with info at the Facebook group and remember, you only get one Freshers Week - experience it at Your Union. Click on each poster to see the full event info. 



Can't make anything in the evening? Fear not - we have a whole host of activities over the week during the day!

From fayres where you can grab the best freebies & discounts to two days of meeting our Clubs & Socs and Sports teams - there's something for everyone! All daytime events are totally free and accessible too, quiet hours for the fayre are 10am - 11am daily. Most events during the day take place in the Lochside Marquee, located outside next to the Students' Union. 


There can be a lot to take in over your first week and we want you to make sure that no Fresher is left lost, worried, without info or bored...

That’s where the F Team comes in. We put together a team of approachable, informative, bubbly and welcoming current students who help us, and you new students, to make Freshers 2019 a week long event never to be forgotten. The team help sell tickets, run events, direct you, hand you freebies and helpful guides - they even help you move in to your accommodation on campus. Legends. 

The F Team have come up with a list of Top Freshers Tips, check it out by clicking the image below! We've also put together a handy document to answer lots of your burning questions. Not covered yours? Email or ask the helpful F Team on the group.


Want to get kitted out as a full-blown University of Stirling student? Don't miss out on the Freshers Bundle offer from our Union Shop. Get an iconic Uni hoodie, t-shirt, bag and pen for only £24.99. Order yours today to collect when you arrive.