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Well done every hall! In less than a month and half you've saved £1,282! After the prize fund, all additional savings are getting reinvested in LEDs or solar panels - a bright idea, we think!

Remeber, the hall with the most energy savings will win £500 at the end of the semester!

Inter-Hall Energy Competition

Switch off and light up campus! Every time you turn off the kitchen light, unplug your charger or have a shorter shower you are directly supporting sustainability investments on campus. Plus your hall will also have the chance to win £500 to put towards something you collectively decide that will benefit all students in your halls.

Halls involved: ASH & Pendreich Way, Donnelly, Fraser, Polwarth, Willow Court, Beech Court, Muirhead, Juniper Court and Alexander Court

How can we win?
The University, in partnership with us here at the Union, will be monitoring energy usage across the halls mentioned above. The halls who make the biggest reduction in usage per person will win! This means there is an equal chance of winning for every hall, no matter how big or small the hall is.

We will be monitoring the leader board and posting it here so make sure you keep updated and get switching off those spare plugs, towel drying your hair or turning off your tv! 

Get more info below on saving energy!

why reduce your energy usage?


Well, mainly, climate change is why.

Not quite sure what climate change is?

This is what it is:

And this is what it does:

Don't quite believe in climate change or our role in it? Let John Oliver reply for us:



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