Freshers 2022: Community Garden Session

Thursday 15 September 2022 4pm - 6pm

Union Garden

Our garden is a place for all students, whether they have a well developed green thumb or are completely new to gardening. Come along to our sessions to get outside, meet some lovely people, and help us grow and develop our green oasis. 

We are always looking for new volunteers to help out and share this community garden with. We hold weekly gardening sessions on Wednesdays from 2pm - 4pm and everyone is welcome to join. If you are interested in joining then email Johannes Schamp, Sustainability Development Coordinator at and we’ll be able to provide you with more information. 

Don't forget gardening isn't just about digging and weeding, it's about getting outside, keeping fit and most of all making friends! 

Important - There are a number of beehives nearby so anyone allergic needs to be aware of high numbers of bees in Spring and Summer. 

*All Union events are subject to change or cancellation. Some events are also weather-dependent and may be cancelled or changed last minute. We will communicate any changes on this website and our social media channels.