Union By-Elections 2021

Every year you are given the opportunity to elect from your peers, a group of individuals to lead your Students’ Union.

The polls have closed.

Co-Curricular Officer

This Officer liaises with clubs and societies, charitable organisations, community projects and volunteering. They also work to promote the opportunities and skills that being involved in co-curricular activities can bring.
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Engagement Officer

To work directly with relevant sabbatical officers to continually promote and develop the academic representative network and create a climate of active engagement through consultation with students in order to secure educational change.
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Non-Traditional Students' Officer

To identify and organise campaigns to raise awareness of the relevant issues affecting non-traditional students (defined as those students entering University from alternative pathways other than Secondary School, including but not limited to, from the workplace or from Forth Valley College and similar).
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Post Graduate Officer

To work alongside the Vice President Education, other Education Zone officers and Union staff, on projects to better represent Postgraduate students within the Students’ Union and build an engaged, active community.
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NUS Delegate (4 places)

NUS delegates will represent the views of Stirling Students at a National level. Every year, NUS bring together a conference of student representatives to decide which campaigns and policy work NUS should take forward. The conference also elects student members to lead this work for the coming year.
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