Candidate for the position of Sports Union Communications Officer

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Rowan Johnston

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Hello! My name is Rowan Johnston and I’m running for the position of Sports Union Communications Officer.  In this role, I want to make sure that your voices and sporting achievements are heard, whether in or out of university, no matter what sports club you are part of!

I would like to do this in a variety of ways and here are the things I want to promote:

  • I want to have a bigger focus on non-BUCS and non-BUCS Wednesday teams.  Inclusivity is a key theme at this university, and I want to make sure that everyone feels included. You all do some amazing things and I want to promote this! Has your club won a special award? Gone undefeated in your league? Are you doing some cool fundraising for a good cause? I want to hear about it!


  • I want to continue and build on the successful communication link between the union and the sports clubs we have here at Stirling. If something is happening at the union, I want you guys to get involved. This is where I come in! I aim to be a welcoming, easy to get in touch with person, so we can make sure that the world knows that Stirling is the place to be for sport.


  • I want to increase our social media usage and really get our university’s sporting achievements out there! Did you know there’s a new Bleed Green TV show? How about Air 3 Radio, where they talk sports every week on their sports show? Let spread the word about Stirling’s success on all channels!


So, let’s talk, text, message, email and SHARE and put our Sports Clubs out there!