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Daniel Wright

Education done Wright!

Re-Elect Daniel Wright VP Education
Education done Wright!

I’m Daniel and for the past year I have been the VP Education here at the Stirling Students’ Union. When I haven’t been out talking to students, making videos and dressing as a dinosaur, I have been improving education for all students.

I’ve improved the approachability and accessibility of the role; ensured that students can see and use any room for their studies; gathered and delivered student feedback for the improvement of academically focused Personal Tutors; created clearer guidance and training for module reps and Faculty Officers; created more study space in the library and made sure that students know the changes coming to their University with Campus Central.

But there’s still more I want to do for students.

CAMPUS CENTRAL: Ensure the transparency of the construction alongside delivering weekly updates to students and measures that minimise disruption while keeping study space available and accessible.

STUDY SPACE: More space for quiet and group study, every room kept open and their timetables visible with new furniture, new rooms for booking and a better experience for all.

CAR PARKING: Maintaining the number of spaces while making permits fairer and showing students where the spaces are so there is less driving around before class. All this while working towards more spaces in the future.

ARUAAs: Fairness across all Faculties so that staff properly understand and implement the adjustments any student might need for their education.

EMPLOYABILITY: Working with the Careers service around bringing in more industry speakers and encouraging workshops for every subject.

JOINT HONOURS: Clearer online degree routes from the beginning with better support from Tutors around dissertation choice.

POSTGRADUATE REPRESENTATION: Relaunching the PG Faculty Officers with specific representation for every PG student.

PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMES: Placement Champions for easier allocation, travel and sorting out any problems while you are there.

SUSTAINABILITY: An education that is environmentally friendly and encourages sustainability with more online resources and less paper used for marking.

PERSONAL TUTORS: Finishing the review for academically focused support without staff and student confusion.

I’ve had a year as VP Education and I’m proud of what I have achieved and the number of students that I have helped. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and it has given me the drive and determination to achieve even more.

I care about the experience students have here at Stirling and want them to have the same amazing time that I have had. Now I have the experience and even more knowledge of how to make it all happen. I know who to talk to, which papers to submit and the issues that matter to students and that’s why you should re-elect me as your VP Education.

Vote for me so I can continue fighting for students and ensuring that every student has the amazing experience which they deserve while studying at Stirling.

Re-elect Daniel Wright as your Vice-President Education. It’s Education done Wright.