Candidate for the position of Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer



Progress, Fitness, Success vote Yes for Jess. To start take part, next stage engage, don’t stop at the top.

Who's that Gal? It's Jess, I'm a 3rd year Sports Studies student who cares about the opportunities everyone has to get involved in physical activity. Yes, we our known for our sporting achievements but there is plenty more challenges that we haven’t attempted. Everyone knows that winning feeling, I want to make that the driving force behind every sports union event. I’m talking about feeling a part of something bigger, the key is to simply get involved but what is the use of a key with no lock. I’ll explain : My aim is to get everyone participating in sports union events by ‘unlocking’ the barriers that seem to prevent us from getting active. For some being on a sports team is enough, others enjoy the Scottish outdoors or maybe the gym is your thing, but there still room for our university to become something more. Lets start thinking about how important physical acitivity is for us and how some of us can’t go as long as a week without exercise. This is awesome! But what is it that really makes us want to be active, is it our friends, the health benefits or the ideal appearence that identifies us with being fit. I know for me all of these are relevant. Think about this, how many times this week would you say you were exercising just for fun, no other reason but soley because you wanted to? With that in mind do you ever see another univerisity organising an event you wish you could be a part of? Or maybe you just want to get something more from our sports union events. There is so many challenges out there, 3 Peaks, Tough Mudder, Colour Run, marathons, Red Bull events, This Girl Can campaign and even our Dumyat Hill Race. I know a lot of you would love to get involved in events like this and some of you already have, what I’d love to do it make that jump easier for you all. Going from ‘That would be cool to do’ to ‘Right, when can I do that again’. Our Sports Union wants to grow and improve, we’ll make it happen!