Union Elections 2018

Every year, you are asked to elect, from your peers, an officer team to lead your Students' Union. The successful Sabbatical and Executive Officers candidates will work for one year to improve your time here at Stirling. Make sure that your voice is heard and cast your vote in the Union Elections!

The polls have closed.

Union President

The Union President is the political head of the organisation, representing students' interests to University staff, local and national Government and within the National Union of Students.

  • Mr RYAN PETERANNA Manifesto

    Make Students Matter

  • Astrid Smallenbroek Manifesto

    From more study space to a better bus service, re-elect Astrid for Union President

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Vice President Education

The VP Education represents the academic interests of students, ensuring that you have a positive learning experience at Stirling. They oversee the academic representative structure of the Union, including the Faculty Officer and Module Rep networks.

  • Miss GEORGIA LAVERICK Manifesto

    You want something done? Georgia is the one!

  • Mr DANIEL WRIGHT Manifesto

    You Can't Go Wrong With Wright!

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Vice President Communities

The VP Communities is responsible for Clubs and Societies, working with individual clubs to improve their membership and activities, and increasing engagement between the student body and the wider Stirling community.

  • Miss RACHEL BRADSHAW Manifesto

    Back Bradshaw #1 for VP Communities

  • Jamie Grant Manifesto

    Tackling Mental Health, First Bus service, Clubs/Socs Development, Volunteering, Student Accommodation – let’s get to work. #onemoreyear #JG4VP

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Sports President

The Sports President heads up the Sports Union working with teams and athletes competing in elite, pro and just for fun competitions as well as working with the University to improve facilities and opportunities for sports players such as coaching and The Sports President leads the Sports Union, working with all teams and athletes. They, also, work with the University to improve on-campus sporting facilities and opportunities for athletes to coach and volunteer in the community.

  • Miss CAITLIN ORMISTON Manifesto


  • Ellie West Manifesto

    West Is Best

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Health & Wellbeing Officer

The Health Promotions Officers is responsible for the promotion of physical, mental, social and sexual well being to all students. In collaboration with the Sports President, the Health Promotions Officer is expected to run campaigns that focus on students' well being.

  • Siobhan Lynda Lamb Manifesto

    Lamb's got your back!

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Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer

The Sports Participation and Engagement Officer is responsible for encouraging all students to participate in Sports Zone activities, particularly those who have not traditionally engaged with the Zone. They are also expected to assist the Sports President in promoting employability activities and campaigns to clubs and teams.

  • Miss JESSICA MCGURK Manifesto

    Show your Stirling crest. Perform your very best. We our one, against the rest!

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Sustainability Officer

The Environment and Ethics Officer represents students' interests in sustainability and the environment. They will work with the VP Communities to run environmental campaigns, and contribute to the Union's environmental work.

  • Ms GINA BARTUSCH Manifesto

    Each of us can make a difference. Every day. Today. Now.

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Media Officer

The Media Officer is responsible for ensuring that the media societies work together. They are expected to act as an effective link between the Executive Officer Council and the media societies.

There are no approved candidates.
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NUS Delegate

NUS Delegates represent the view of University of Stirling students at NUS Scotland and UK Conferences. The candidate with the highest votes will attend both NUS UK Scotland Conference. The candidate with the second highest votes will attend NUS Scotland Conference. Following the 2017 by-election, there are two positions available for students who self-identify as female or non-binary.


    Vote Henrietta There's no one better!!

  • Mr ANURAAG MUKHIA Manifesto


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