Union Election 2017

Leave Your Legacy. As we celebrate turning 50, we celebrate 50 years of Student Union Elections, and 50 years of Sabbatical and Executive teams. This is your opportunity to leave your legacy at Stirling and run for a position in the 2017 Union elections. Every year you are given the opportunity, to elect from your peers, a group of individuals to lead your Students’ Union. Of those who succeed, four are paid to work full-time, and fourteen volunteer their time for one year to improve your time here at Stirling.

The polls have closed.

Co-Curricular Officer

This Officer liaises with clubs and societies and works to promote the opportunities and skills that being involved can bring. They also act as clubs main representative on the Union Executive Council.

  • Mr ANURAAG MUKHIA Manifesto

    Won't Back Down Without A Fight!

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Communities Officer

This Officer is responsible for promoting the volunteer opportunities in and around Stirling as well as supporting the VP Communities in running community based campaigns.

  • Miss RACHEL BRADSHAW Manifesto


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International Officer

This Officer will be responsible for identify and organising campaigns to raise awareness of the relevant issues affecting International students. They will make themselves available and recognisable to the student population so they can bring up relevant issues with the sabbatical team.

  • Ms ARLETTA GORECKA Manifesto

    Let's all make the change; society without hate is a better place!

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Sports President

The Sports President heads up the Sports Union working with teams and athletes competing in elite, pro and just for fun competitions as well as working with the University to improve facilities and opportunities for sports players such as coaching and training.

  • Mr CRAIG BATHGATE Manifesto

    Back Bathgate for Sports President 17/18

  • Miss REBECCA BLAIR Manifesto


  • Mr ALEX DUKE Manifesto

    Don't be a rookie, vote for Dukey!

  • Miss LINDSAY MACDONALD Manifesto

    Be a pal, vote for this gal!

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Sports Union Communications Officer

This Officer will communicate the activities of the sport zone to the student body and a wider audience. They will also represent the views of the membership on sports activities and assist the Sport President in fulfilling their remit.

  • Miss KELSEY BLEMINGS Manifesto

    Whatever you think, I'll still be the link!

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Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer

This Officer will encourage all students to participate in sport zone activities with a particular focus on improving employability. They will also liaise with students who have not traditionally been engaged in sport and encourage them to take an active role within the Union.

  • JESS MCGURK Manifesto

    Progress, Fitness, Success vote Yes for Jess. To start take part, next stage engage, don’t stop at the top.

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Union President

The President is the political head of the organisation representing the students of Stirling to senior University staff, local and national Government and within the National Union of Students.

  • Séarlas Mac Thoirdealbhaigh Manifesto

    For honest, fair and hardworking representation. Use YOUR voice. Make YOUR choice. Vote Séarlas.


    We Can Do It!

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Vice President Communities

The VP is responsible for clubs and societies working with individual clubs to improve their membership and activities as well as being the lead officer for community engagement and volunteering.

  • James Fitzsimons Manifesto

    I'm Better at Leading than I am at Slogans

  • Mr JAMIE GRANT Manifesto

    Forward Together #GrantYourVote


    A HAT YOU CAN TRUST on Housing, Welfare, Campaigning and Clubs.

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Vice President Education

The VP leads on the learning experience of students, pushing for changes which make lectures, seminars and feedback better. They also support and develop the School Officer and course rep network.

  • Mr MATT ADIE Manifesto

    From Study Space and Car Parking, to the Cost of Graduation. Re-Elect Matt Adie as your VP Education.

  • Ms NATALIE SMITH Manifesto

    Ensure inclusive representation: #SelectSmith for VP Education

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