Union Elections 2019

Every year you are given the opportunity to elect fellow students to lead your Students’ Union.

The polls have closed.

Union President

The Union President is the political head of the organisation, representing students' interests to University staff, local and national Government and within the National Union of Students.

  • Nelson Maxwell Acquah Manifesto

    Your Interest; My Business

  • Charlene Grigaitis-Schickler Manifesto

    We Rise Together! #BeanForPres

  • Georgia Laverick Manifesto

    Don't be hesitant vote Gee for President!

  • Ryan Peteranna Manifesto

    Make Stirling Smarter, Not Harder

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Sports President

The Sports President leads the Sports Union, working with all teams and athletes. They also work with the University to improve on-campus sporting facilities, develop teams and individuals and most importantly, #bleedgreen!

  • Simon Goodman Manifesto

    You cannot regret doing something if you do not try it in the first place.

  • Caitlin Ormiston Manifesto

    There's Still No Debate, Re-elect Cait!

  • Gill Thayne Manifesto


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Vice President Communities

The VP Communities is responsible for Clubs and Societies, working with individual clubs to improve their membership and activities, and increasing engagement between the student body and the wider Stirling community. They also work across housing, sustainability and volunteering.

  • Joshua Muirhead Manifesto

    “No Joshing About This Time!”

  • Fraser Raeburn Manifesto


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Vice President Education

The VP Education represents the academic interests of students, ensuring that you have a positive learning experience at Stirling. They oversee the academic representative structure of the Union, including the Faculty Officer and Module Rep networks.

  • Amy Smith Manifesto

    You see it. You like it. You want it. I got it.

  • Daniel Wright Manifesto

    Education done Wright!

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Engagement Officer

To work directly with relevant sabbatical officers to continually promote and develop the course representative network.

  • James Douglas Manifesto

    Engage with James!

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Non-Traditional Students' Officer

To identify and organise campaigns to raise awareness of the relevant issues affecting alternative students (defined as those students entering University from any origin other than Secondary School).

  • Jessie Henderson Manifesto

    “I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring.”

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Co-Curricular Officer

This Officer liaises with clubs and societies, charitable organisations, community projects and volunteering. They also work to promote the opportunities and skills that being involved in co-curricular activities can bring.

  • Svea Horn Manifesto

    Svea Horn for Co-Curricular Officer- Making Volunteering Easy

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Housing Officer

The Housing Officer is responsible for overseeing University of Stirling students’ issues relating to public and private housing.

  • Cian Ireland Manifesto

    Vote Cian. Success starts at home.

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International Officer

This Officer will be responsible for identifying and organising campaigns to raise awareness of the relevant issues affecting International students. They will make themselves available and recognisable to the student population so they can bring up relevant issues with the Sabbatical team.

  • Marie Stadtler Manifesto

    Bringing everyone together!

  • Dimitrios Terzis Manifesto

    Let's Keep Stirling International!

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Sustainability Officer

This Officer works to champion the Union's environmental campaigns and activities whilst embedding the Union's work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Hannah Dry Manifesto

    For plastic free, vote Hannah D!

  • Sophia Riederer Manifesto

    Make sustainability easy

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Media Officer

To ensure that the media societies are working together and act as an effective link between the Executive Council and the media societies.

  • Martina Rebecca Inchingolo Manifesto

    Vote for me and tell me what you want... what you really really want !

  • Harry Mitchell Manifesto

    Making Media More

  • Sam Ormiston Manifesto

    Keep Calm and Vote for Sam!

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Health & Wellbeing Officer

The Health & Wellbeing Officer is responsible for the promotion of physical, mental, social and sexual well being to all students. In collaboration with the Sports President, they are expected to run campaigns that focus on students' well being.

  • Hope Murray Manifesto

    Healthy students should be happy students

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Sports Union Communications Officer

This Officer will communicate the activities of the sport zone to the student body and a wider audience. They will also represent the views of the membership on sports activities and assist the Sport President in fulfilling their remit.

  • Rowan Johnston Manifesto

    Have lot's to say? Vote for RJ! Vote Rowan for Sports Communications Officer

  • Mathieu Savin Manifesto

    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer

The Sports Participation and Engagement Officer is responsible for encouraging all students to participate in Sports Zone activities, particularly those who have not traditionally engaged with the Zone. They are also expected to assist the Sports President in promoting employability activities and campaigns to clubs and teams.

  • Mairi Jones Manifesto

    Be a pal, vote for this gal

  • Craig Stephen Manifesto

    Making sport accessible for everyone.

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