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In TED's ethos of sharing Ideas Worth Spreading, the TEDx Society is for anyone who loves TEDx and TED Talks and brings people together to actively share their ideas at the University of Stirling.
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Welcome to the TEDx Society at the University of Stirling!


Our Aims

  • to promote the values and ethos of TED and TEDx of “Ideas Worth Spreading” at the University of Stirling and within the local community.
  • to organise and arrange weekly TEDx-themed events, trips and social events at the University of Stirling.
  • to provide our members with the opportunity to share their ideas, concepts, understandings, thoughts and values within our regular events to enhance their personal development and follow TED’s ethos of “Ideas Worth Spreading”.


What We Do

  • We organise weekly TEDx-themed events, including TEDxTalk Video Evenings, guest speakers and debating sessions, as well as social events, TEDx movie nights, bowling and TEDx-based trips which are beneficial towards our members.



  • TEDx Society Membership Fee is £5 for all students and non-students for the whole academic year (2017 - 2018).
  • Clubs & Societies Card is £5 for the whole academic year (2017 - 2018).
  • Click here for more information on how to join us!


Benefits of Being a Member

  • Greatly increase your employability prospects by becoming a member of the TEDx Society!
  • Help shape the TEDx Society and even the opportunity to volunteer at the next TEDxUniversityofStirling conference in 2018!
  • Have fun together with fellow TEDx followers and students within our society!


TEDx Society


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The TEDxUniversityofStirling 2016 conference in April 2016 was supported by The Stirling Fund 2015 at the University of Stirling.

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