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Guys, Gals and non binary pals, this is the HUSSARS's union page and we are a group dedicated to playing tabletop games and providing a fun social space for people moving to the Stirling area.


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(HUSSARS) Honourable University of Stirling Strategy And Roleplaying Society

COVID 2020/21 UPDATE! 

We at HUSSARS have always aimed to encourage and provide a fun environment for playing tabletop games at Stirling University, providing venues and tutorials for both new & experienced players. However with the recent changes and effects of COVID 19 we have had to change how we will operate this coming acdemic year. This will mean that we will be operating online from september and until the union says otherwise and having our GMs (Game Masters) running their games over on our discord sever and using systems like roll20 or fantasy grounds to play our games.

On Mondays (18:30 - 22:00) we intend to have a variety of games runing with systems including, but not limited to:

-          Dungeons & Dragons 5E

-          Pathfinder

-          Dread RPG (A Jenga based horror roleplay)

-          H.P. Lovecraft inspired – Call of Cthulu

-          Werewolf (A variant of Mafia) 

-          As well as various worlds and systems being crafted by our members 

But what are Tabletop Games?

Tabletop and Roleplay games in our society are, essentially, acting out a character in a given scenario generally alongside other people who are also playing their own characters. These characters may have their own personality, agenda, or alignment; however the group will (usually) be working together to fulfill a task or to take part in a scene given out by the Game Master (GM) who is basically the narrator of the story you are taking part in.

Because each player may not want to follow the exact path the GM has in mind for them, the stories are generally fluid and may end in ways which were unexpected, as the GM has to think on the spot of new ways to challenge the players on the tangent they have taken or to steer them back on track to the adventure they had in mind. 

More advanced roleplay may have players fight against each other in player versus player combat, if the characters truly cannot get along, or perhaps the characters are placed in situations of great peril, from which they may not return...

We always welcome new members, students or not, to try out our society. With the growing number of members we get every year who have never taken part in roleplay, we also offer support and a friendly environment to those who wish to advance their skills in roleplaying, and workshops can be organised for individuals who want to try their hand at becoming a Game Master (GM) and running a game for themselves.

Along side this, we will attempt to organise a team of students for a trip to Nationals; a roleplay, strategy and board gaming competition held annually in April - This is 3 days of your chosen category in which you will compete against other universities across the UK! The next competition will be held in Bradford! (This is dependent on what are situation is in Spring 2021)

Visit our Facebook group athttps://www.facebook.com/groups/Hussars.Stir to keep updated during term time!

Here is our discord group from which are online nights will be played: https://discord.gg/7JWJZq7

(Relevant as of August 2020)


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