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Scottish Socialist Youth Stirling (SSYS)


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We organise for a socialist future on Stirling University campus. For more info contact:


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The SSY is Scotland’s new independent socialist youth network. We are a platform for the voices of young socialists in Scotland.

We campaign for change in our local area, discuss politics with socialist analysis, host educational sessions and work collaboratively with other left-wing student societies. We also host a range of social activities, from 6-a-side football, to basketball, arts and crafts, and pints at spoons!


Scottish Socialist Youth is a Scottish network of socialist youth groups. We are united by our vision for an independent socialist republic, building on the history of socialist movements with our own ideas and strategies. Our members originate from many different communities, countries and traditions — but we are all unified by our common interest of socialism in Scotland.
The SSY has 6 core principles which underpin our idea of what it means to be a socialist in 21st century Scotland. These are:
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We coordinate a range of activites at the University of Stirling.
For our members, we hold general meetings at least once a month to coordinate the general activities of the society in a way that everyone can be involved in. At these meetings we have political discussions, hear from the committee and discuss upcoming action.
We also hold campaign meetings at leastonce a month, where members agree upon tactics and strategies for advancing our campaign work. Recently campaigners successfully passed a motion at the Student Union as part of our Help Not Harm efforts — as a result, the Student Union will soon be providing free drug checking kits to people who need them.
Open to anyone, we often hold educational discussions and reading group meetings at least once a month, where members can engage in peer learning opportunities to find out more about Scottish Socialism and the issues we care about.
Members of the SSY and friends also travel to other areas of Scotland to march and rally for different causes. For example, in 2021 we marched at the Glasgow COP26 march, and in May 2022 we participated in International Workers' Day precessions in Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Finally, we also host a range of social activities for members of our community to participate in. For the past year, the SSY has had a socialist football team in the Stirling Uni 6-a-side football league. We have also been meeting up to play basketball, go for drinks, and a variety of other activities coordinated by our Social Coordinator.
Simply get in touch with the society by email or social media!
We aim to meet at least once per week on Wednesdays at 7pm, with additional activites (such as social events) taking place at other times and days too.
No! Well... maybe.
We have members from all across Scotland, however Stirling University SSY is our first active group. We're always looking for members who would like to take action in other areas across the country by starting their own group.
If you would like to find out more about the national SSY, find out more on our website!



Memberships are available at the top of this page for those who would like to join our society.


For more info about who we are, our history, and our campaigns, click on this link to go to our website!



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