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Stirling Sexual Health & Education Society (SSHES)


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*** Games Night GIAG 27th January 7:30pm 2V1 ***

The Stirling Sexual Health & Education Society is an all-new club at he University of Stirling. Our aims are to create an inclusive, safe and diverse environment to discuss all topics relating to sexual health and education. We’re also aiming to collaborate with other societies to build our profile and spread the word about this new society. Finally, our long-term goal is to organise with the Student Union to create the 1st University of Stirling Sexual Health Week. If you're interested in joining please give any of our members an email!

All meetings held on Thursday 7:30pm - 9pm 2V1


We've gone dormant.

Due to a lack of candidates for committee positions in the recent AGM, our group is now dormant. This doesn't have to be the end though, it can be re-started from where it was left off by any University of Stirling students within two years. This means the new committee would get access to any resources or funds we built up. Any student interested over the summer or once the semester has started just needs to contact the current VP Communities ( ) and have 3 people able to take on the core committee roles (President, Treasurer and Secretary).


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