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Stirling Scottish Socialist Party Society


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Representing the Scottish Socialist Party on campus. Fighting for an Independent Socialist Scotland. For more info contact: stirlingunissp@gmail.com


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We are Stirling University's 
Scottish Socialist Party Society


The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) was founded in 1998 as a working class, socialist party which would represent and fight for the people of Scotland. Since our inception we have stood in support of an independent Scotland in the form of a modern, democratic, and socialist republic, where the millions come before the millionaires. The workers before the bosses.



As a student society, we are dedicated to the involvement of students in the fight for an Independent Socialist Scotland—a modern democratic republic. On a smaller scale, our work in Stirling is based on three core principles: agitation, education, and organisation. We seek to agitate for political action, educate our members in socialist and political theory, and organise to improve the material conditions of students and staff. We work openly and proudly with other (radical) left wing groups on campus to achieve these aims.

The realisation of a socialist republic is reliant on an independent Scotland, though even without independence we still have a number of key policy demands that would transform the country under devolution:

  • A £12 an hour Living (Minimum) Wage and an end to zero-hour contracts

  • A free and publicly owned transport system

  • Replace the Council Tax with an income based Scottish Service Tax

  • Build 100,000 new council houses over the next parliament

  • Public ownership of the energy industry

...and more.


There are billions of workers who struggle day in and day out to make ends meet, all while a tiny elite suck up the riches created by the 99%. The Scottish Socialist Party refuses to accept that this is our fate as working people. We don't believe the current system—which allows bosses to accumulate billions while leaving thousands on the street—is an efficient system to adhere to, and we are willing to fight against it.



We are determined to transform society and take control of our economy. We need a society that values social need and community over private profit, and an economy that gives people power in their workplace and a say where our money flows. Do you? If so, join us and help us shape the future of Stirling, Scotland, and the world.


"Those who do not move, do not notice their chains."




Support our vision for an Independent Socialist Scotland? Please join our party.

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