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International in our outlook, inclusive in our intent; the Politics Society is at the heart of political engagement at the University of Stirling.


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The Stirling University Politics Society is a non-affiliated inclusive club that seeks to bring together individuals with an interest in politics. The society aims to facilitate the exchange of political ideas amongst students whilst encouraging discussions about issues relating to politics, philosophy and history - regardless of your political stance or knowledge. 

As a sociable, open-minded platform for discussion, this society is a brilliant way to meet new people and learn from one another. All students are welcome!

No prior research is required when attending one of our events. 

Thu 21st January

PolSoc Meet & Greet
21st January 6:30pm - 8pm
Online via Microsoft Teams
It's time for PolSoc's first meeting of 2021 ??The plan of this event is to give people the opportunity to talk amongst themselves and get to know each other. So come along and get to know our members.
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Thu 28th January

PolSoc's GIAG: Mock US Congress
28th January 6:30pm - 8pm
Online via Microsoft Teams
Time for you to join the ranks for the US Congress. With a new president in power, it's your chance to either help the president advance their agenda, advance your own, or just block anything that comes in. A very real simulation of Congress then.
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