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The Philosophy Society brings together people with a shared interest in philosophy. It is open to students and non-students, a background in philosophy is not required.


  • Philosophy Student Membership£5.00
  • Philosophy Non-Student Membership£5.00

The Philosophy Society at Stirling University was created by students in order to facilitate those with a shared curiosity or passion for philosophical discussion and study. It is open to all inquisitive students with an interest in areas like morality, human rights, the nature of thought and the nature of being, regardless of their degree. A background in philosophy is not required, so no amount of knowledge is assumed. We especially welcome first and second year students who want to learn more about what philosophy is, and how the skills it teaches can be applied at a more practical level in later life.
We have an event each week during semester, which is usually a talk by a faculty member or postgraduate student. We occasionally also have talks by undergraduate students or outside speakers. The talk is followed by a question and answer session, then we adjourn to a local pub to continue discussion.

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