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You must also purchase a Sports Centre membership as the Sports Union club you are joining uses the University's Sports facilities on campus.

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  • Islamic Students membership£5.00
  • Islamic Associate membership£5.00


Welcome to SUIS – Stirling University Islamic Society. Membership is open to all registered Muslim students at the University of Stirling. Non-students can join the Society but will have non-voting status and be ineligible to run for a committee position.

The Society provides a platform that promotes interaction between diverse Muslim students with respect and honesty. Every year, we organise different activities like freshers’ week exhibition day, open day, Eid celebrations, Visits to UK Masjids, etc.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram or email us at: islamicsocietyuos@gmail.com


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Committee Membership

1. President

2. Secretary

Prayer room Coordinator