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First, thank you for your time.


My name is Valentina I am studying Spanish and I am a big fan of the Hispanic culture. Therefore, the committee and I created this group to share our passion and practice our Spanish. If the Spanish language isn't what you're interested in, we also offer some cultural nights. By offering Spanish movies with English subtitles or short documentaries in English with a discussion to follow.


So! Whether you're fluent, a beginner or just love Hispanic culture this is the society for you!

We host Spanish speaking nights- Spanglish is widely used. Please do make mistakes, it's a great way to learn and have fun.


We normally meetup on Thursday evening to celebrate the vibrant Spanish and Latin American culture in a welcoming group. If you are a native speaker please join us, tell us about your country.


The joining fee is a total of £10 annual, which include a Student Union Clubs and Societies Memberships. This membership will last till the 31st of May. (https://www.stirlingstudentsunion.com/termsandconditions/

for terms and conditions).



This society belong to you! can be anything you want it to be. Therefore, if there is any idea want to discuss send me an e-mail at stirlinghispanicsociety@gmail.com


Feel free to join our Facebook page 'Stirling University Hispanic Society' where I will share cultural events and interesting offers. Or follow us on Instagram at Stirlinghispanicsociety.

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