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The Fellowship of Stirling


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Hey everybody! This is the fellowship 3rd year running and we look forward to meeting you all. We are a society for all lovers of the Tolkien universe, whether it be the books or the movies (or if you're even completely new to this wonderful world), everyone is welcome within our society. 

While we may be new to this, our committee is full of enthusiasm and our plan for the year is jam-packed. We have ideas that have been inspired by other societies, such as Treasure Hunts and Murder Mysteries, as well as our own ideas, like our Tolkien-themed game nights - "Mirkwood Mini Games". We do wish to collaborate with other societies to create even more memories, and hope that this will become a thing we do in years to come. 

New ideas are welcome, though, so do not be afraid to share them with us!

We meet every Thursday at 18:30 in C.A1. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Grab your sword, bow or axe, pack your Lembas bread and store that One Ring safe away from Gollum! We hope to see you for a truly precioussss year! 

Society Email: sutolkiensociety@gmail.com

Facebook: The Fellowship of Stirling (Public Group)

Instagram: @sutolkiensociety

Snapchat: sutolkien


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