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MENtal Wellbeing (supporting all aspects of mens health)


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Let's talk, let's share, let's be ourselves, let's break the Stigma of Male Mental Health!


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Every day throws us new challenges. Being a man, we tackle them head-on in general. But there are times when things seem to pile up and become overwhelming.

Traditionally, the elders often came to the rescue in such situations and offered us guidance. However, in this modern-day lifestyle, we lack that support which is resulting in a mental health crisis.

We aim to improve the MENtal Wellbeing by providing a safe space to talk and share without any judgments.  

Although our society is geared towards men, we encourage everyone - no matter their gender or sexual orientation - who is looking for a safe space to share their experiences to join us. Besides our engagement in deep talk, we are lighthearted people who know how to create great times with lots of fun.


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