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Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Employability & Personal Finance (LEEP)


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  • Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Employability & Personal Finance (LEEP) Non student Membership£5.00
  • Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Employability & Personal Finance (LEEP) Student Membership£5.00

Welcome to LEEP!

Are you an ambitious individual who dreams of achieving more than those around you? Do you want to learn specialised skills which will help you in your journey to success? Would you like a place to openly discuss your unusually great ambitions without judement and surrounded by likeminded individuals?

Then you are in the right place to LEEP into your future!

The 4 core principles:

Personal Finance

Comprise what will be provided in our society.
Topics such as;

Standing out as a leader
Learning how to utilise your personality traits to further achieve
Create/mangage business ideas
How to excel in interviews 
How to invest your money now for a profitable future

will all be pillars of what we provide. You will hear from experts in their fields and successful leaders all year round. You will have a chance to meet like-minded individuals and grow as a person. But, most importantly you make the society, for it is your ideas and your input which will lead how we operate.

So join now to take that first LEEP into your future!

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