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Stirling Student, Staff and Community Justice Society


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Welcome to the official page of the Stirling University Students, Staff and Community Justice Society (SSCJS). Below is a brief description of our aims as a society and our framework as an organisation.
The society’s two central aims are as follows:
Firstly, outwith the University is to work with local charity/fundraising groups that aim to help those suffering from issues in relation to homelessness and food poverty. This will include any events/initiatives relating to giving these groups the help they need to continue/ expand the work that they do. We are extremely passionate about doing our bit to assist in whatever we can to help those suffering from issues in relation to homelessness and food poverty. This crisis is only getting worse and its catastrophic consequences such as declining mental and physical wellbeing continues to spread and worsen.
Secondly within the university, the Society will seek to work with the relevant parties to address the following issues: (i) providing a living wage to Union and University staff (ii) reducing food wastage and (iii) providing suitable mental health provisions for the students and staff of the University. In the event that any of the above aims are achieved, a General Meeting shall be held to remove the aim(s) from the constitution and discuss the inclusion of a new aim or aims.
Organisational framework:
The Society has E, D& I accreditation which means that students of Stirling university can join our society without paying the usual membership fee one pays to be a member of a society in the Students Union. Non-students of Stirling university (if they have payed their Student Union fee) can also join the society without paying a society membership fee but as a non-students they will have non-voting status and will be ineligible to run for a committee position in line with Student Union policy.

The committee positions and their temporary holders (pending our first Annual General Meeting election) are as follows:
President: Roddy Wilson
Secretary: Courtney Lynch
Treasurer: Lewis-Aneurin Allen
These are the core positions that must be filled by different members of the society in line with Student Union policy. However, we envisage and wish for this society to be a more informal organisational framework; a Cooperative of students working to fulfil our aims as listed above. This in practice means that our members can choose and work together on projects (to achieve our society’s aims) that they feel best suits their skills; using the three core committee positions to coordinate and assist with these projects.
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