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Economics Society


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  • Economics Society Non-Student Membership£5.00
  • Economics Society Student Membership£5.00

Welcome to the Stirling University Economics Society.


We welcome students of all disciplines!

We organise talks and events about economics and related social and cultural issues.


This semester, we are hosting an online lecture series on the economics of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the first student-led Economics Conference at the University: Bleeding Green: The Economics of a Changing Climate.


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Our Aims:

 To provide an open and accessible platform for students of any academic background to discover and discuss economics,

 to provide access to information and experience regarding economics that are not otherwise available,

 and to provide a social community for those that have an interest in economics in common.


Our Committee:

  • President: Gellert Turkevi-Nagy
  • Vice President: Sebastian Kiecker
  • Treasurer:  Jorge González Molinero
  • Secretary: Deolin Naidoo
  • Publicity and Social Officer: Spencer Johnson


Please feel free to purchase your society membership to be a part of our community, expand your professional network and engage in stimulating discourse.

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