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Latin Dance Society


You must also purchase a Sports Centre membership as the Sports Union club you are joining uses the University's Sports facilities on campus.

Students can click here to buy on the portal.

For more information - including for non-student, graduate and staff memberships - please click here for more information.

The Latin Dance Society brings people together through dance and music.


  • Latin Dance Society Non-Student Membership£5.00
  • Latin Dance Society Student Membership£5.00

A bit about the Latin Dance Society

The Latin Dance Society brings people together through dance and music. Through a mixture of classes, socials, and parties you will meet new people and find your own reasons to be a part of the wonderful world of Latin dance.

Cuban salsa, originally called Casino, is a popular social dance. The dance boasts a rich repertoire of Afro-Cuban influenced dance styles and has evolved a vibrant culture centred around Cuban music. The dance is an interplay between a leader, a follower, and the music. Once you acquire the skills of leading or following, you can take these skills to dance and party all around the world.


Who can join the Latin Dance Society?

Every semester, we welcome dancers of all abilities (including absolute beginners, intermediate, and advanced dancers). So, if you are an experienced dancer, or you have never heard of Cuban salsa before, there is a place for you in the Latin Dance Society!

Wear comfy clothes, come alone or bring a friend (no partners required).


When and where are we meeting?

We meet every Wednesday in the Venue at 6 pm for our weekly classes. 



Salsa: £5 members, £7 non-members
Bachata: £4 members, £6 non-members
Salsa & Bachata: £7 members, £11 non-members

6-week block of classes: TBC

The membership for the Latin Dance Society is £5.


How do I join?

To join the society, you must purchase a Union Clubs and Societies Membership (£5) and a Latin Dance Society membership (£5). This can be done on the Stirling University Students Union Website or in the Union office.


Social Media

Find us on Instagram: @latin_dance_society_uos

and Facebook:

If you'd like to be added to our Messenger Group chat, please send an email to 

Wed 2nd February

Salsa and Bachata GIAG
2nd February 6pm - 9pm
Venue (Underground)
Latin Dance Society GIAG
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