clubs & socs awards ball

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this event has had to be postponed.

We will be in touch with ticket holders in due course. 

If you have any questions, please email Elaine Shepherd at


2020 shortlist

The shortlist is now available. If your club has been shortlisted and you've not got any tickets yet, we'd seriously recommend getting them ASAP from the main Union Office! You don't want to miss out on scooping that trophy.

Most Innovative Idea

Brig Cluedo

Dumyat Dragons for flying up Dumyat on brooms as part of ‘Challenge Yersel’ 2019’

Stirling Sexual Health & Education Society (SSHES) /AIRTV Sexual Health Film Screening

True Crime Art Heist

LGBTQ+ Intersectionality Panel

Best New Club


Meditation & Manifestation

Marine Conservation

Bake off


Best Club Collaboration

Creative Societies Cottage Collab and joint events

Joint Media Awards

Aussie Action Week

LGBTQ+ and Art Club- Sign Making & Pride Stride

SSHES, Uni Boob Team and Don’t Fear the Smear Check Yersel’ Campaign

Best Rookie

Franco Nazareno- Drama

Lauren Harper- Labour

Scott Fitzsimmons- Musical Theatre

Caitlin Turner- Marine Conservation Society

Lewis Shaw- AIR3

Best Publicity

Scottish Socialist Party Society


Stirling Sexual Health & Education Society (SSHES)


Christian Union

Best Event

LGBTQ+ Pride Week

PolSoc General Election Hustings

Brig Cluedo

Charity Variety- Drama, Live Music, Musical Theatre

Drama MacRobert Mainhouse shows

Wooden Spoon

Claude Edwards- Graduation fire alarm incident

Euan Stainbank- The original asbestos meme

William Pine- Multiple committee positions, one accidental

Sam Ormiston- Social Media fail

Sam Griffiths smoke machine struggle

Biggest Contribution to the Student Body

Brig Newspaper

Uni Boob Team

Arts Societies- Drama, Live Music and Musical Theatre

Elijah Graham- Vice-president LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ+ Officer of the Equalities Zone


President of the Year

Amber Thomson- True Crime

Roddy Wilson- Rock & Metal

Jess Reid- Stirling Sexual Health & Education Society (SSHES)

Abigail Taylor- Brig

Emily Hencher- Uni Boob Team

Committee of the year


Uni Boob Team



Musical Theatre

Lifetime Achievement

Mariam Shaaban

Anne Stoop

Abigail Ferguson

Elijah Graham

Emily Hencher

Club of the Year

Marine Conservation Society


Uni Boob Team

True Crime



last year's ball

Photos from last year's ball, by Kayleigh Bissett, can be viewed here.

awards winners 2019

Best Rookie

Winner - International Society - Petra Soltesz 

Honourable Mention - Air 3 - Isla Roberts 

Honourable Mention - Debating and Politics - Clemens Ziesik 

Best New Club

Winner - Cooperative Society

Honourable Mention - Yoga

Honourable Mention - British Red Cross


Best Publicity

Winner - Christian Union

Honourable Mention - LGBTQ+

Honourable Mention - Psychology


Best Event

Winner - Brig Alumni Ball 

Honourable Mention - GSOC 24 Hour Gaming 

Honourable Mention - Scenes by SUDS 


Best Club Collaboration

Winner - LGBTQ+ and Rock & Metal 

Honourable Mention - Economics, Politics & Law Football Tournament 

Honourable Mention - Cottage Collaboration (Drama, Musical Theatre and Live Music)


Most Innovative Idea

Winner - UBT Boob ball

Honourable Mention - Science Bat Chat & Walk 

Honourable Mention - Drama Backstage Skills Workshop

Wooden Spoon

Winner - Psychology - Georgia Precious 

Honourable Mention - Conservative Society

Honourable Mention - AIR3 - Harry Mitchell


Unsung Hero

Winner - Psychology - Katie Hopkins

Honourable Mention - Air 3 - Joshua Muirhead

Honourable Mention - Brig - Abigail Taylor 


Best Committee

Winner - Musical Theatre 

Honourable Mention - AIR3 

Honourable Mention - SUDS 


Biggest Contribution to the Student Body

Winner - Mental Wellbeing

Honourable Mention - Uniboob

Honourable Mention - International


Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner - Svea Horn 

Honourable Mention - Stuart Graham 

Honourable Mention - Laura Kerr 


President of the year

Winner - Harry McArthur 

Honourable Mention - Roddy Wilson 

Honourable Mention - Ellie McConnachie 


Club of the Year

Winner - Rock and Metal Society

Honourable Mention - Musical Theatre 

Honourable Mention - Uniboob Team