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Virtual Clubs Awards 2021

As detailed below, we've had to postpone our 2021 in-person ball due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, we got together online on the 1st of April 2021 to announce the winners of the 2021 Clubs & Societies Awards - including some new categories! Thanks to everyone who came along and congratulations to all our winners.


2021 awards winners

Below you can see the list of winners, honourable mentions and shortlisted Clubs. We've also put all the certificates together in a slideshow video you can watch here!


Key: W (Winner) HM (Honourable Mention) SL (Shortlisted)

Most Innovative Idea 

W- Stirling Sexual Health & Education Society (SSHES)/Creative Writing Valentine’s Erotic Writing competition 

HM- Law Society Podcast  

HM- Zeta Kappa Rho (ZKP) – consent training 

SL- Brig BRAW Magazine  

SL- True Crime Events  


Best Online Event 

W- LGBTQ+/Air3 Radio World AIDS Day concert 

HM- SMIF Tesla Bull & Bear Debate 

HM- Live Music performances/Open Mic 

SL- Ocean Action Week  

SL- ZKP Fundraiser for consent training   


Wooden Spoon 

W- Natasha Murphy- Live Music –‘Mis-downunderstanding’ 

HM- Harry Williamson- Ctrl-Alt-Delete-oops!  

HM- Brig Newspaper- Psy-kicked off target there!  

SL- Euan Stainbank & Neil Brannigan- “islands in the SCREAM” 

SL- SUDS- Edward McMillan- You’re ONION own with that one!  


Best Rookie 

W- Stephanos Valoumas- Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) & Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Employability & Personal Finance (LEEP) 

HM- Cassidy Smith- SSHES and RAMS 

HM- Freddie Bruun Petersen- Student Action for Refugees (STAR) 

SL- Charlotte Sutcliffe- Brig 

SL- Sophie Dodd- Christian Union  


Best Publicity 

W- Environmental Enterprises/Hedgehog Friendly Campus 


HM- Brig 

SL- Stephanos Valoumas- Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) & Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Employability & Personal Finance (LEEP) 

SL- Marine Conservation  


Best Can-Do Attitude  

W- Harry Williamson & Ryan Barclay- Brig  

HM- Claire Welsh- Law  

HM- Amber Thomson- True Crime  

SL- Alyson McKay- Uni Boob Team 

SL- Mark Sharpe- Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) & Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Employability & Personal Finance (LEEP) 


Best Club Collaboration  

W- Charity Variety- Drama, Live Music & Musical Theatre  

HM- Law & SSHES- collaborative event on deepfake porn  

HM- ZKP- collaborating with multiple societies on raising funds for consent training 

SL- United Nations Association (UNA) & PolSoc- Model UN  



Community Award  

W- Marine Conservation Society  

HM- Brig 

HM- Live Music 

SL- Environmental Enterprises  

SL- Dumyat Dragons 


Best Committee  

W-  Uni Boob Team (UBT)  

HM- Stirling Sexual Health & Education Society (SSHES) 

HM- Brig  

SL- Environmental Enterprises 

SL- Musical Theatre  


Biggest Contribution to the Student Body 

W- Avar Wilson- LGBT+ Officer, CZEC member. LGBTQ, SSHES, Labour, Red Stirling and Psychology committee/society member  

HM- Jess Reid- Womens Officer, SSHES co-president  

HM- Alyson McKay- UBT, Faculty Officer, VP Communities Elect  

SL- Marine Conservation  

SL- Environmental Enterprises  


Club President of the Year

W- Euan Stainbank- Law 

HM- Helena Barton- Disney & Creative Writing 

HM- Emma Hackney- Zeta Kappa Rho (ZKP)  

SL- Katherine Colvine- Musical Theatre   

SL- Julia Grootaers- Environmental Enterprises/Hedgehog Friendly Campus  


Lifetime Achievement 

W- Harry Williamson  

HM- Neil Brannigan  

HM- Ethan Williamson  

SL- Amber Thomson  

SL- Euan Stainbank   


Club of the Year 

W- Live Music  

HM- Stirling Sexual Health & Education Society (SSHES) 

HM- Zeta Kappa Rho (ZKP) 

SL- Brig 

SL- Environmental Enterprises 


2021 in-person event

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the in-person ball has had to be postponed.

All requests for refunds up to 1st May are in hand and have either been refunded as requested or are in the process of being dealt with. 

If you have any questions, please email Elaine Shepherd at